My Pet Has Bad Breath!

My Pet Has Bad Breath!

A Guide to Getting Fresh Puppy or Kitten Breath Back for Your Pet

In past articles we have addressed the need for the brushing your dog's teeth as an important step in oral health. Of course poor oral health can be manifest as bad breath, here we will discuss specific steps to addressing bad breath and more.

The Causes of Bad Dog or Cat Breath

Yes, bad breath in dogs and cats (Halitosis), is usually caused by the build up of odor-producing bacteria in the mouth. Thus, when the teeth are cleanedproperly this usually takes care of the problem. Having said that, there can also be underlying health problems related to other organ systems like the kidney or liver, but more often to the GI tract.

Correcting and Preventing Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats

If your pet’s breath suddenly gets bad, then you may want to see a vet because it could be related to the liver or kidneys. Much more common though is the gradual worsening of the breath and you can address this in the following steps:

1. Brush your dog's or cat's teeth regularly.

Once or twice a month with a toothpaste formulated for the pets (not human toothpaste) is sufficient for keeping your pet's teeth clean.

2. Provide a high quality easy to digest food.

We recommend very simple foods that are natural and contain basic meats, fruits and vegetables. Avoid dog foods or cat foods with fillers like corn, soy, or glutens especially.

3. Provide hard safe, chew toys The process of chewing is good for your dog as in itself it helps clean the teeth.

4. Provide treats We suggest natural treats, this will encourage chewing which will help keep the teeth clean. In some cases you can find some treats that will also effectively help with odor.

Dealing with a Common Underlying Cause

Please note that if these steps are taken and the breath is not greatly improved, it is very likely then an issue with the GI tract. The safest, and most effective way to address a GI tract problem causing bad breath is to use probiotics. These healthy bacteria will competitively colonize the intestinal tract and serve to remove the bad bacteria from the gut, which will positively affect the whole body, including the oral cavity and the manifestation of bad breath. Additional benefits will be a strong digestive system and a bolstered immune system. Doing the above will clean the teeth, remove the bad bacteria, and work to prevent bad bacteria from building back up. A healthy pet, and you, can breathe a little easier.

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