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Natural UTI Supplement

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made in USA GMP certified no byproducts gluten free vet recommended

Flavor: Liver

Made for Dogs and Cats

For ages: Adult to senior

A natural, simple, yet powerful remedy for dog UTI and cat UTI management, Utrin™ offers a biologically-appropriate, natural solution to urinary tract infections and related bladder infections. This home treatment includes the power of D-Mannose and Cranberry to fortify your pet's urinary health with minimal side effects. Suitable for male or female pets of all ages, especially those prone to recurrent UTI.

This pure formula is undetectable with mixed with your pet's food making this powder preferred over bladder bites and uti treats. One tiny scoop daily can make a positive difference in their life.


Add the natural UTI supplement to your pet's food daily according to body weight. Add one scoop per 50 LBS of body weight. If your pet is on antibiotics or UTI medicine, seek the advice of your veterinarian for best practices to treat a UTI. This may include providing a urine sample.

Supplement Facts

  • D-Mannose 125 mg*
  • Cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) (Fruit) 125 mg*

Other Ingredients

Cellulose, Raw Liver Powder, Silica.

What to expect

Dogs and cats with urinary tract infections require veterinary care and should not be left untreated. Natural medicines and supplements can aid in the prevention of recurrent UTI and increasing urinary strength and immunity against pathogens. The effects of D-Mannose and cranberry will vary for each pet. Observe results over 3-4 weeks of consistent use — you may notice less straining to urinate and better urinary function. Always consult your veterinarian in case of serious underlying issues. Left untreated, UTI may lead to bladder stones, and kidney infections.

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  • immune system supplement

    Immune System Support

    D-Mannose and Cranberry are known for their antioxidant properties that may support the immune system and promote general health — especially beneficial for aging pets.

  • kidney health supplement pets

    Aids in UTI Prevention

    Cranberry and D-mannose interfere with bacteria attaching to the urinary tract, assisting in the reduction of UTI occurrence in dogs and cats.

  • bladder health supplement pets

    Strengthen Bladder Health

    D-Mannose may assist in maintaining bladder health by potentially preventing bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract.

pet natural supplements

Elevated manufacuring

Pure. Potent. Rigorously Tested.

Utrin™ is a concentrated blend without byproducts or fillers, featuring high-quality, effective ingredients that won't interfere with your pet's meal. This targeted, filler-free formula ensures your pet receives only the essential, beneficial support needed for their well-being.

uti treatment dogs cats

For dogs and cats

Treating UTI at home made easy.

Implementing a home remedy strategy can significantly benefit your pet’s health through natural lifestyle changes. Increasing their water intake and bathroom breaks helps cleanse their system, while switching to wet, grain-free food aids in hydration and digestion. Good hygiene practices are essential. Adding dietary supplements like Probiotics, Cranberry and D-Mannose further supports urinary health.

vet recommended

Veterinarian Recommended

Endorsed by Experts, Loved by Pets

Nusentia® natural pet supplements are vet recommended since 2008. Our products come with the seal of approval from veterinarians, ensuring they meet the highest standards of pet health and nutrition. When professionals recommend it, you know it's the best choice for your furry family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything about Utrin®

pet natural supplements

Can I give my pet Utrin™ every day?

Yes! Daily use is recommended, especially for pets prone to urinary tract infections. However, it's best to consult with your veterinarian for what is suitable for your specific pet.

Can Utrin™ be used with antibiotics prescribed for my pet's urinary tract infection?

Yes, Utrin™ is specifically formulated to be safely used in conjunction with common antibiotics prescribed for urinary tract infections, such as Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Clavamox, and Cephalexin. For optimal recovery and to ensure the health of your pet's gut flora during antibiotic treatment, we highly recommend following up with Probiotic Miracle®. This approach not only addresses the immediate infection but also supports your pet's overall digestive and immune health, leading to better outcomes and enhanced well-being. Always consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice and to confirm the best treatment plan for your pet.

Will Utrin™ cure my pet's UTI?

Utrin™ is designed to support lower urinary tract health and may aid in managing symptoms associated with urinary tract infections in some animals. However, it's important to understand that Utrin™ is not a cure for any disease and should not substitute professional veterinary care. The effectiveness of its key ingredients, D-mannose and cranberry, can differ from one animal to another. Always seek advice from a veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

My pet has bladder leakage, not an infection. Could Utrin™ help?

Utrin™ is excellent at strengthening the urinary and bladder system, which may benefit pets with bladder leakage, particularly older or overweight animals. Consider combining it with a weight management food for comprehensive support.

My pet is diabetic, will Utrin™ affect their blood sugar?

No, Utrin™ contains non-metabolizable sugars that do not impact blood sugar levels or pH, making it safe for diabetic pets and those with blood sugar concerns.

My pet is peeing blood, will Utrin™ help?

While Utrin™ can support urinary health, if your pet is experiencing blood in their urine, it's crucial to seek immediate veterinary care for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The Nusentia® Guarantee

We want your experience to be as worry free as possible, so we offer 60-days to try our products. If for any reason Utrin® doesn't work out for your pet, simply reach out for a full refund.

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Great product

Great Service, Great Products

Every order comes on time and as ordered. I appreciate the selection of products for my pets.

Megan Williams
Utrin - Long Term Use

We have used Utrin as a supplement for our dog with a history of urinary incontinence and UTIs for many years now. It is hard to say how much it helps except that she has not had many UTIs needing treatment. She is older now (12 years) and we did find out she has E. coli in her bladder, however, the vet and lab feel it is stable due to the lack of symptoms, etc. and following one round of antibiotics, we do not plan to treat. I am thankful to have Utrin to give her to help maintain her. I do feel it has helped overall, along with Probiotic Miracle, to keep her well.

C'Anne Wofford
Utrin is a game changer

UTIs became a chronic problem for my old lab mix and the scripts from the vet were only short term solutions. Utrin has kept these issues at bay. Last time we ran out and decided not to start her on Utrin, the UTI came back. We make sure to keep our Utrin supply current!

Barbara Schwonke
Too Soon to Tell

Have only used Utrin for a couple weeks.It seems to have helped my female dog with her excessive urine problem. I would like to use it for at least a month or so to see if it is going to continue.