Human Grade


The term “human grade” was traditionally applied to the meat ingredients in some dog foods that are considered to be suitable for humans. In recent times, the term has been applied to pet supplements ingredients to imply that humans can and do take. The inference is that since these ingredients are good for humans, they must be great for the pet.

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Is Human-Grade Food Better for My Pet?

Not necessarily. Though there is much that translates from pet physiology to humans, it can’t be taken for granted that a human grade supplement should be given to an animal as is. Unfortunately, this is what most pet supplement companies do—they take human formulas and label them as for pets. Sometimes that is ok, many times it isn’t.

Picking the Right Food for Your Dog or Cat

First of all, keep in mind that there is no one food that is best for every dog or cat. Just like people, dogs and cats are individuals, so take your time in selecting the right food for them. As a general rule, you'll want to avoid any food that is high in grain or corn content, and/or fat. As the chart to the right shows, human grade, or human food is not always ok for your pet.

Is the Right Food Enough?

Even by selecting the very best food for your pet, your pet may not be getting the nutritional support he needs to maintain a long and healthy life. Vets are saying that the modern pet diet is the leading cause for premature illness and death for dogs and cats.

Even the most expensive or holistic commercial pet food, if cooked or processed, will likely be lacking many of the natural enzymes that come with a raw diet and naturally aid in digestion. Over time, the digestive stress on the body will lead to other issues such as excessive shedding, allergies, or other symptoms of digestive stress.

Improving Diet with Supplementation

For this reason, it is usually recommended that dogs and cats eat a a raw, grain-free diet, or at the very least, supply supplemental digestive enzymes and probiotics throughout the life of their pet to help support the digestive and immune systems.

Probiotics given to a puppy or kitten during the formative phase can help defend against allergies developing later in life by supporting the microbiome. Digestive enzymes take the digestive burden off the body and allow for more efficient body processes in dogs and cats. Probiotics and enzymes help bring a processed diet closer to nature and brings your pet the respective health benefits.

Compare the Guaranteed Analysis

Does the supplement or pet food have a guaranteed analysis? Does the suggested use of the product give you details based on the weight of your pet? Some pet products simply do not provide this detailed level of information needed for making a decision and giving to your pet.

About Nusentia® Pet Nutrition

At Nusentia® we formulate specifically for pet’s, including the dosage and the delivery form. These formulations are based on our considerable knowledge of the current science so that your pet gets the best possible nutritional support.

Additionally, we take care that the formulas are proven safe and convenient to use. After all, if your pet won’t take it, they can’t benefit from it.

The team at Nusentia® is dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners by providing nutritive formulas which go beyond human standards; to those that will be specifically targeted to your pet’s needs.

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