About Us

Our Journey to Revolutionize Pet Nutrition

In 2008, driven by a deep love for pets and a quest to transform pet nutrition, Nusentia® was born. Our founder's personal journey with their own pets' health challenges led to the realization that proper nutrition was key. This realization sparked a mission: To provide pets with nutritional care that surpasses even human standards.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Nusentia® stands for more than just pet food. We're a beacon for optimal pet health, advocating for superior gut health and digestion—the foundation of a thriving life. Our products, proudly made in the USA and Norway, embody our dedication to quality:

  • FDA approved, GMP certified facilities, with some products crafted in pharmaceutical-grade environments.
  • Rigorous quality control, ensuring our formulas deliver on their promises.
  • Our pledge: If our products don't meet your pet's needs, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.
Elevating Pet Nutrition Beyond Expectations
Our goal is simple yet ambitious: To elevate pet nutrition beyond human standards. We cherish the bond between pets and their owners, and it's this bond that fuels our commitment to excellence. Nusentia® is revered globally by professionals and pet lovers alike, for we understand the profound impact of exceptional nutrition.

Innovative Science, Natural Solutions

Decades of expertise in natural animal health guide our research-driven formulations. Nusentia® stands for uniqueness, efficacy, and biological appropriateness. We don't repurpose human formulas; we innovate for pets. This is our science, our passion.

Beyond Manufacturing – A Commitment to Purity and Sustainability

Our global manufacturing ethos is rooted in responsibility and integrity:

  • Sourcing local, natural ingredients whenever possible.
  • Ensuring GMP or higher certifications across all facilities.
  • Commitment to third-party testing, guaranteeing purity and efficacy.

Secure, Satisfying, and Trustworthy Transactions

Experience the Nusentia® difference, even in how you shop. We guarantee secure, private online transactions, respecting your data and privacy. Our customer satisfaction policy isn't just a promise; it's a testament to our dedication to you and your pet.

Join us on this journey of transforming pet health. Explore our products, dive into the world of pet nutrition, and become part of a community