About Us

Our Story

Nusentia® bounded into reality in early 2008 with the determination to elevate the low status-quo standards of pet nutrition beyond even traditional human standards.

Because we love our pets as our family, we treat them with kindness in every way, including nutritionally. We bring to light, first and foremost, the importance of good gut health and digestion, as it is our belief that this is the foundation for a lifetime of wellness in all animals. We follow up by providing biologically appropriate pet foods and natural nutritional remedies based on sound scientific research.


All products are produced in the USA at FDA approved, GMP certified facilities (or higher*).

All manufacturing processes are documented and audited by certifying body ensuring the products contain what they are intended to contain.

  We are honored by the patronage of our customers and offer our guarantee that our products will help your pets, or we will promptly refund your purchase.

*Celavin in manufactured at a pharmaceutical grade facility in Norway.


At Nusentia®, our goal is to elevate pet nutrition beyond human standards. Our commitment is to create high quality pet products which are based on specific research for the pets they are intended. We value the relationship with our customers and keep the health of your beloved pets always in mind.

Nusentia® products are used and respected worldwide by top trainers, breeders, veterinarians, kennels, and caring pet owners who know the value of providing great nutrition to their pets.

Better Science

Our research-based formulas are developed by natural animal health experts with decades of experience. Our core mission is to provide products that are valued as:

  • Unique and natural
  • Efficacious
  • Biologically appropriate
  • Nusentia® formulas are based on the latest science for the animals they are intended for—we do not repackage human formulas. Our science makes every product the most effective and beneficial you can give your pet.

Better Manufacturing

Our products are made in the USA and Norway. We source our ingredients locally, when available. Our domestic and international suppliers are leaders in their field, highly-respected, and operate in state of the art facilities. Third party testing on all our supplements is our standard and provides peace of mind to our customers that Nusentia products are pure and efficacious.

  • GMP or higher certifications
  • Third party quality testing
  • Local and natural sources when available

Better Transactions

Nusentia is devoted to providing the most secure, private, and satisfying online transactions to our customers. With your purchase, you can be confident that your data will never be shared with other vendors without your permission, and your purchases are always backed by our money back satisfaction policy.

  • Secure credit card processing through Paypal and Authorize.net
  • PCI site compliance ite SSL secured through GeoTrust
  • 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

We're committed to your satisfaction and endeavor to make every transaction a perfect experience. Read through our customer service policies for more information.