Welcome to our guide designed to support your pet's health naturally. Find a carefully curated selection of natural supplements below as well as tips to further assist you in managing Ear Infections in Dogs holistically.

Collection: Ear Infections in Dogs

"My dog has frequent ear infections. What can I do to reduce the occurrence without using antibiotics or steroidal medications?" 

When your dog has an ear infection, it is an opportunity to improve his overall health and immune response with Probiotics and essential nutrients. Please note that if your dog has an active ear infection, you should see a vet for local treatment. As a matter of wellness, we recommend the following products to help your dog resist them recurring:



This a comprehensive formula to help build your dogs immunity and strengthen his immune response.


Supporting the gut can help keep bad bacteria and yeast away and improve immune response. Supplement daily with Probiotic Miracle® or MiracleZyme® chews for best results.

Raw & Grain-Free Dog Food 

The dog digestive system is not equipped to digest the complex proteins in grain. The canine body will see those complex proteins as an enemy invader and counter with a negative inflammatory response.


Ear infections and ear problems are thought to be the second most common reason for dog owners to take their pets to the veterinarian. A number of things can serve to predispose dogs to ear infections.

The causes range from wet ear canals (from bathing or other fun water sports), foreign materials gathering in the ear from outdoors, and grooming where the hair is plucked from the ear without any particular health reason.


  • Excessive accumulation of wax in the ear canals that appears to be the blocking air flow
  • Ear appears to be red or inflamed
  • There is discharge from the ear
  • If your dog does a lot of scratching or rubbing at the ear, tilts the head or shakes it frequently, they may be suffering from External Otitis (External ear infection).


If your dog has an ear infection or chronic ear infections, it is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian. However, there are some steps you can take to help support better ear health and perhaps avoid ear infections for your dog altogether.

  • See the Vet
    Check with your vet to be sure that you treat it locally first if needed.
  • Clean and Groom Ears
    Keep your dog's ear clear of excessive hair growth
  • Ear Wash
    Give your dog a natural ear wash once a week using 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% white vinegar. Squeeze the solution into your dogs ear and massage at the base of the ear. Allow your dog to shake, then use cotton to clear out the debris of wax and dirt. This process will keep the ear clean and dry, while the vinegar stops the bacteria from growing. Continue once per week.
  • Supplement
    Probiotics such as found in Probiotic Miracle can be added to compliment therapy or as a preventative if your pet is predisposed to ear infections). Also they should always follow local antibiotic treatment which can cause yeast overgrowth/ infections.

If your dog is manifesting the symptom described above for external otitis that may be part and parcel of an overall allergic skin response. Consider a nutritional approach for reducing allergic reactions, such as, switching to a raw, grain free food, and/or providing an allergy support supplement.