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Raw & Grain Free Dog Food


Due to a disruption in manufacturing, this product is unavailable. We hope to have a comparable product available very soon. If you are a previous customer of our Raw & Grain Free dog food, we will be contacting you with more information shortly. Thank you for choosing Nusentia.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you're not delighted with our products, we'll refund your purchase.


60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you're not delighted with our products, we'll refund your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Best food ever.

I started my now 14 year old mini-dach on the supplements and this raw food and his life changed. He was doing so great in every way. He had energy, his hair grew back in, itching stopped, licking paws even stopped. He was having trouble with bm's and that all straightened up. Then I couldn't get your food any longer. I was so sad and frantically have tried other foods. Not the same. Please get it going again.

Great food but when will it become available?

My dogs love nusentia have been eating it for years. I never expected it to ever be out of stock and never this long. I had to transition them to spot farms which they're now solidly on but its not the same consistency they're used to. When is this food going to be back in stock? And why is it out? You used to over beef and that never came back. Is turkey coming back or are you guys done for good? Would have appreciated a heads up being a loyal customer for many years.


In just a week cody stool has changed so much his energy has came back etc.... I’m one lucky fur mom who loves her ten year old toy yorkie, indeed continue to order more food. Wish it came in a larger bag.

The best decision I’ve ever made for my ten year old toy yorkie

Wow where do I began at okay so I’ll tell you guy’s a quick story on how your company came across google feb 26, 2019 Cody’s vet calls me saying his crystals are high etc... want me to purchase Royal Canin can food for UTI as I mentioned to her cody does not like Mushy food she did not care what came out of my mouth so me being a dog mom took matters into my hands found a healthy food & powder with cranberries etc... that he will enjoy boy oh boy he loves it took few days for cody to get use to which I’m completely impressed how his bowel movements are green lol urine is fine no more meds, vet visit. I’ll continue to order different products Thank you for changing Cody’s life he is on active boy who has changed in one few day’s.

Stopped acid reflux

My 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever had developed acid reflux to the point were he was always eating grass and vomiting. I would stay up with him some nights while he was coughing. The vet recommended Prilosec and Sucralfate which barely helped.
Nusentia raw turkey formula made an immediate difference with the first serving. I started with a quarter serving to slowly introduce. It’s now 2 1/2 weeks and I haven’t heard him cough in a week and no vomiting. He has lots of energy and wants to play tug again. I’ve cut his meds back to half and plan to take him off by next week. I really recommend trying this food!