Can I Give My Cat Allergy Medicine?

Feline Allergies: If you’re reading this, we don’t need to explain to you that, just like us, cats have allergies. We know how hard it is to stand back while our kitties cough, itch, lick all the hair off their stomachs, and wheeze, so naturally, when that happens, you want an immediate fix!

What’s the quick fix for pain, inflammation, or allergies!?

We’ve been asked about give cats cortizone for itching, aspirin or Tylenol for pain, and Zyrtec and allergy medicine for their allergies.

But are these good ideas?

First of all, before you give your cat any kind of medication, seek your vet’s advice. Your cat’s metabolism is different than yours, and they simply can’t break down and use medications, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, the same way that we do. And while your vet is likely to have an allergy medication or antihistamine for your cat, the dosage will be tailored for your specific cat.

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Second, even if your vet prescribes something to help the acute situation of your cat’s allergies, there are bound of be a host of undesirable side effects that accompany its use. This is something you need to consider. We believe it’s wise to seek a natural remedy to address the long-term defense against allergies.

You May Be Able to Avoid the Use of Allergy Medicine

We know that natural remedies work for cats with allergies. We hear from our customers on a regular basis about how nutrition has made all the difference. In some cases it has totally decreased the need for allergy medications, in others it’s helped to reduce their use (I.e just in acute stages).


Your cat is a strict carnivore and needs as close to a raw diet as possible. A processed diet is devoid of natural enzymes, vitamins, and beneficial bacteria that your cat needs to be healthy. In a matter of time, the stress of malnutrition will show, and in many cases, it’s displayed with the symptoms of allergies.

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Multivitamins, like Spectrin™ for Cats, provides essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that have been shown to be very helpful for combatting feline allergies:

“My cat has been taking Spectrin vitamins for about a week now and already I see an improvement. He licks himself till he's balding and these vitamins are really helping. I already see his fur growing back.“

The best part of treating your cat nutritionally, rather than with medications, is that there are no unpleasant side effects. Spectrin™ contains specialized amino acids, minerals, and bioflavonoids that help treat the root problem that plagues most cats with allergies.

“My cats are more energetic when taking Spectrin vitamins. But the biggest change was in my compulsive licker, who has licked all the hair off her stomach and back legs, part of her tail and butt. After a few weeks of taking this, the hair grew back.“

So while allergy medicine for cats may be helpful in the short term, wouldn’t it be better to resolve our cats’ ailments through natural nutrition?

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