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Feline Allergies: Wage War With Nutrition

During the onslaught of allergy season, your cat doesn't have to be a victim. You can win the war against feline allergies by unleashing a powerful nutritional protocol designed to neutralize many allergens. Good feline nutrition can quell the overall associated inflammatory response and bolster your cat's immune system. It’s easy to incorporate and it’s extremely effective.

Signs of feline allergies may include wheezing, itching, hair/fur loss, scabs or hot spots, excessive biting at feet, vomiting, and ear infections.


Spectrin™, a liquid vitamin for cats, has been used effectively for years with great results against feline allergies. It was formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of your cat, replacing many of the lost nutrients that are common in a commercial cat diet. With anti-oxidant compounds, bioflavonoids, vitamins C and E, selenium, and sulfur-containing amino acids, Spectrin protects the body from free radicals that takes place during an inflammatory process (allergic response).

I have a cat that has suffered for years with sinus problems. I am sooo glad I found Spectrin. Since giving my cat this on his food each day his breathing is soooo much better and he is peppy like he was when he was a kitten. I used to listen to him breath and wonder how long he would be with me. Now I don't hear any of the rasping!! Love this product!!


Celavin, is a pure omega-3 fish oil supplement. When it comes to cats with allergies, nothing supports feline allergies better than a pure fish oil supplement. Extensive research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can drastically reduce the inflammatory response and naturally affect a brilliant coat as well.

"Been using Celavin for a few weeks and my fur babies are looking and feeling great. What a difference and they love the taste!"

Further, nothing supports natural immune function more than live healthy flora (probiotics). Probiotics seed the gut with powerful microorganisms that affect the mucosal lining of the intestines and communicate with the rest of the body. It's no wonder why we call it Probiotic Miracle—these probiotics are the foundation for long-term wellness in cats. Additionally, these probiotics were formulated based on the science done in animals, not humans. Probiotics create a strong gut ecology, and are best when given on a daily basis and as young as possible. Yes, give your kitten probiotics, too.

As always, consult with your vet, and do your best to remove the source of allergies for the best possible result with your cat. With cat food allergies, incorporate a food elimination method and observe your cat's response. With inhalant allergies, improve the living conditions and keep your cat's body and paws clean. But for a strong immune system that will keep allergies at bay, you can likely win the war with improved nutrition.

"I bought Probiotics because of my cat who would throw up on a daily basis. Just sick all the time, losing hair, you name it! After a couple week of Probiotic Miracle® she is amazingly healthy. I could not believe my eyes, wonders!"

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