Enzymes: Benefits Beyond Digestion

Digestive enzymes bring benefits beyond simple digestion. They work wonders for pets that need digestive assistance, especially senior pets. But, you may be surprised to know that new scientific indicators show that enzymes have systemic benefits as well. Hence, digestive enzymes enhance many other systems in the body to improve pet health.

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Some digestive enzymes reach beyond the stomach, and science is now studying their systemic mechanisms. Systemic enzymes tend to be positioned for condition-specific use: anti-inflammatory issues, joint health, and cardiovascular health. 

Systemic enzymes are predominantly protease enzymes (protein catalysts). There are multiple proteases, including protease 6.0, bromelain, peptidase, protease 4.5, and protease 3.0. These protease enzymes act as both digestive and systemic enzymes by nature and are found in Nusentia®'s Enzyme Miracle®.

Proteases and the Immune System

In the immune system, protease enzymes are prized for their ability to break down proteins. For the reason that many potential pathogens, such as bacteria and the outer shell of viruses, are protein-based. Proteases can break down such protein invaders to the body, but they can also help activate immune cells. Using protease enzymes are great for pets with sensitive immune systems or allergies.

Broad-Spectrum Enzymes are Best

Our approach at Nusentia® provides an enzyme formula that is spot on in addressing digestive burden. Our vegetarian enzyme blend for dogs and cats maximizes nutrition through complete digestion but also systemic support. Further, both MiracleZyme® and Enzyme Miracle® are packed with a variety of proteases and other supporting enzymes. These broad spectrum formulas provide optimal health for your pets without the negative side effects associated with animal-based enzymes.

Learn more about animal-based enzymes in our article: The Difference Between Systemic Enzymes & Digestive Enzymes

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