Collection: Kennel Cough : Natural Remedies That Work

"My dog has kennel cough. Are there any natural remedies for this?"

If your dog has kennel cough, you should see a vet for treatment. It is also an opportunity to improve his overall health and immune response by removing irritants from the diet and supplying his diet with probiotics and nutrients. As a matter of wellness, we recommend the following products to give your dog the best possible chance against kennel cough.


Probiotics & Enzymes

Probiotics keep bad bacteria and yeast in check in the gut, where 80% of your dog's immune system is. Digestive enzymes help quell inflammation and relieve stress from your dog's body caused by poor digestion. Enzymes further break down toxins and irritants in the body and help streamline metabolic functions. Provide nutritional support with the Miracle Pack or MiracleZyme® combo chews.

Nusentia® Raw & Grain-Free Dog Food 

The dog digestive system is not equipped to digest the complex proteins in grain. The canine body will see those complex proteins as an enemy invader and counter with a negative inflammatory response. Inflammation makes your dog susceptible to kennel cough.

Spectrin for Dogs

Even with the best food, your dog may need additional vitamins and antioxidants to boost his health and fight off future infections and illness.


Coughing in dogs is referred to as kennel cough and though it can be a highly infectious disease, it is rarely serious. Dog owners are advised to give their dogs the right amount of care and attention that they deserve whenever they are sick. Kennel cough may give rise to a more serious health condition if not treated early in its development.

Kennel Cough is an infection that can be caused by both bacteria and a number of different viruses that results in inflammation of the voice box and the windpipe. It is somewhat like a mild case of influenza in humans. Like the flu, the disease is caused by a mixture of viruses and bacteria that affects the upper respiratory tract of dogs.


Dogs catch kennel cough when they inhale bacteria or virus particles into their respiratory tract. The respiratory track is usually is resistant to such particles due to a protective lining (which has now been weakened). The weakening of the lining can be brought about by a number of factors.

  • Exposure to poorly ventilated conditions (like some kennels and shelters, hence the name)
  • Cold temperatures (which lower the immune system)
  • Exposure to dust and/or cigarette smoke
  • Travel-induced stress


A distinct, persistent, powerful cough. In some dogs this can be accompanied by:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Discharges from the eye

Dogs with kennel cough can hack persistently. If you think your dog has kennel cough, make sure you visit your vet immeditately. Since kennel cough results from a weak immune system, there are measures dog owners can take to strengthen their dogs against kennel cough.


  • Limit the causes (see above list)
  • Nutritionally, add probiotics and enzymes (The Miracle Pack) to strengthen the immune system and reduce irritants in the body. This will help streamline your dog's body so he can better fight against kennel cough. A low or no grain diet is also recommended (see Raw & Grain-Free Dog Food)
  • Avoid further inflammatory response caused by food by feeding a grain-free or carbohydrate free food (raw preferable).