The Surprising Reason Why Your Dog Licks His Paws

When your dog is licking at his paws, start by understanding if it is a physiological problem or a psychological one? Then you can better solve the issue.

There have been so many articles written on dogs licking at the paws, that by now most everyone knows it usually has to do with the dog having an allergic reaction. However, it can be more complex than that which leads to frustration by pet owners in choosing a course of action. We simplify it here. 

Licking at the Paws: Examining the solutions

Drugs, supplements, cones, muzzles, what to do? It can be confusing. Some solutions work, but some may not. How can we create the shortest line to solving the problem? We think it can be distilled down to a couple of simple questions:

Is it physiological... in the body?

Is it psychological... in the mind?

Two simple questions, but how do you get the correct answer? One way is to observe the nature of the licking.

Signs that paw licking is physiological:
Licking at the paws could be physiological if your pet is licking all four paws. It is likely due to allergies (environmental or food),  yeast, or flea or mite infestation.

Signs that paw licking is psychological:
It could be psychological if your pet is licking one paw or just the front paw; it could be boredom, stress, or anxiety.

Physiological Problem Causing Paw Licking in Dogs

If you suspect that the problem is physiological, do the following:

  1. Check for mites or fleas
    • If no infestation, examine the diet (items 2-4).
  2. Eliminate undesirable carbohydrates or grain filled foods, choose a home made dog food or go with Nusentia™ Raw & Grain Free dog food, which is a balanced diet for dogs.
  3. Use a supplement designed to quell the allergic response. Dermix™ for Dogs is specifically designed to address allergies and to help with the health of the skin and coat by providing nutrients that fight against free radicals that are produced in the allergic state.
  4. Support digestion and immune systems in tandem with The Miracle Pack™. This power-duo of probiotics and enzymes further act to starve out yeast and pathogenic bacteria—bringing your dog's body back into balance.

Psychological Problem Causing Paw Licking in Dogs

If you suspect that is it psychological, do the following:

  1. Reduce boredom by keeping your dog physically and intellectually stimulated. Exercise, playing games, going on chores, just keep them engaged.
  2. Keep stress at a minimum by being patient with your dog. Don’t yell and scream at them, though the licking may be irritating to you as well.
  3. Encourage your dog and stay upbeat, this will reduce any anxiety your dog may feel related to feelings of disapproval by its owner.
  4. If needed, put socks on your dog to keep them from itching. White, cotton children’s socks are best. This will help keep the itching in control.

This is a simple, distilled approach to discern a course of action for paw licking, and then measuring the result. This can be utilized as the first steps in dealing with the issue and seeing if it can be resolved without great expense and time. If it is not, then the next step could be seeing your vet for more aggressive care.

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