Natural Flea Control for Dogs

Natural Flea Control for Dogs

Natural flea control in dogs... is it possible? It’s understandable that some pet owners prefer not to use medicated solutions to control fleas in their dog. Here are some simple natural solutions you can try.


Take the skin of the garlic off (the skin may have an adverse effect), chop it up and put in your dogs food.

Note: Cat owners do not use garlic, as it can be harmful to them! Why does garlic work to naturally control fleas on dogs? The garlic smell and taste will emanate off your dog's skin and fleas hate the taste of it. Garlic is a natural flea repellent for dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Use about a teaspoon daily in your pet’s water. Apple cider vinegar gives protection internally and externally via the creation of an acidic environment that fleas just don’t like. Nusentia’s liquid formulas, like Spectrin™, RJX™, and Dermix™ contain apple cider vinegar as a base ingredient and can help naturally repel fleas from your dog while offering great nutrition.

Other Natural Methods for Dog Flea Control

A daily dose of unprocessed brewer's yeast for cats and small dogs can also be effective in repelling fleas from cats and dogs. Give a teaspoon for cats and small dogs, and a tablespoon for larger pets. Brewer's yeast may have some downfall as some animals may be sensitive to it, or could cause them to react with a skin allergy. If you try brewer's yeast, discontinue if you see a negative reaction. Whether you use these natural approaches or the more conventional medications, be sure to stay on top of it to keep your pet in the “no flea zone.”

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