Probiotics & Enzymes for Pets : Dosage E

Probiotics & Enzymes for Pets : Dosage Explained

Maybe by now you’re convinced probiotics and enzymes can be a transforming approach to your pet's digestive health. But if you’re like so many people, you’re a bit confused about the best dosage and time to give these supplements to your dogs and cats. While there’s no one answer for these questions, as every pet reacts differently to probiotics and enzymes, there is a simple way to responsibly determine the best dose for your pet.

Here's a guide for how much probiotics and enzymes your pets may need each day to stay healthy...

ic: Digestive enzymes and probiotics are known to bring effective relief for itching.


Remember, enzymes work primarily on the food for digestion, and secondarily on metabolic processes in the body. Enzymes should be given to your pet with every meal. Mix 1 heaping scoop of Enzyme Miracle® for each cup of pet food.

When to give more: You can give a little more enzymes if your dog has allergies or compromised digestion, but in the case of enzymes, at a certain point, more is just more.

Can I overdo it? There is no risk to your pet's health if you dose more enzymes than the guideline recommendation. If your dog has acid reflux, seek the advice of your vet.


Probiotics can be given any time of day, preferably with food. As a minimum guideline for maintaining wellness, for every 50lbs your pet weighs, give at least 1 scoop per day of Probiotic Miracle®.

When to give more: If your pet is recovering from antibiotics, has digestive issues, or other digestive and immune system issues, you can increase the dosage of Probiotic Miracle® multiple times. It's not uncommon for even a small dog to need therapeutic dosages up to 6 or more scoops once or twice per day under these circumstances.

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Can I overdo it? There is no risk to your pet's health by oversupplying probiotics. In fact, in many cases it is beneficial to provide your pet with more probiotics than the minimum guideline, within reason.*

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When to give more...

If your pet is recovering from antibiotics, or has any digestive or immune system issues, it's usually a good idea to give more probiotics. 

Some Helpful Tips

Do not mix probiotics or enzymes with the food until your pet is ready to eat. Leaving the supplements and food for an extended period of time will reduce their efficacy by the time your pet eats.

As with any positive diet change, it is not uncommon for your dog to display cleansing or detoxifying type symptoms, such as, an increase in gas or changes in stools. If it appears that your dog isn't tolerating the introduction of the supplements well, cut the recommended dosage to half or a quarter, and increase the amount slowly over the next 7-10 days.

Most Important

Remember, probiotics and enzymes are as important as vitamins to your pet's diet and should be given every day. Supplying every day will fortify the digestive system and power up the immune system as well. Allergies, itching, loose stool, bad breath, and itching should be minimized or, in many cases, completely gone with consistent use.*

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