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Why is My Dog Overweight?: When Diet Restriction Isn't Working

Why is My Dog Overweight?: When Diet Restriction Isn't Working

Did you know that an estimated 50% of dogs and cats in the U.S are obese? Just like in humans, obesity can greatly affect quality of life for our pets. An overweight dog is subject to a host of metabolic diseases and joint problems.

If your pet is overweight, this may also result in an inflamed condition. This is what typically leads to the more dangerous metabolic conditions, which can affect heart health, pancreatic health, and joint health. Save yourself and your dog the trouble by just keeping on top of it. Here are some easy, tips, and steps you can utilize to do just that.

Common overfeeding mistakes that result in fat dogs:

  1. The all-access, all-day food dish. Don’t do it. Rather take whatever your dog’s daily allotment of food is and spread it out over two meals.
  2. Providing too many treats as a reward. Like in humans, too many snacks will make them fat.
  3. Giving into the beggar. Too much food, and usually the wrong food.
  4. Giving into the finicky eater. Usually the wrong food.

Managing and reducing the risk of obesity

Control overall food intake. 
Be strong, don’t rationalize; control the amount of food your pet gets and the type of food. 

Exercise your dog.
Take walks. Take your dog with you on chores. Play with your dog. These activities will increase mobility and keep them busy. 

Feed the right food. 
Reducing or removing grains from your dog’s diet can be key to maintaining healthy weight. 

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5 Reasons to Switch Your Dog to a Raw and Grain-Free Diet

  1. Raw foods have all the nutrients intact versus many of the commercial foods that are over-processed and lacking the valuable nutrition your dog needs.
  2. Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free utilizes USDA quality meats versus inferior proteins in many other foods.
  3. Foods absent of grains have less allergy potential (a problem with a subset of dogs).
  4. Grain-free foods have less filler, which is better for weight control.
  5. A freeze-dried grain-free food is superior to kibble for hydration.

How to Make Feeding a Raw, Grain-Free Diet Easy:

  1. We ship it right to your door.
  2. It’s freeze dried so that the bags are smaller and lighter, yet yield much greater amounts.

We have seen many, many dogs that were obese that have made a complete turnaround on Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free dog food. And, even if your pet is not obese, they will love this food and thrive on the healthy diet!

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