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Top 5 Health Problems in Dogs & Cats : Home Remedies

If you own a pet, chances are you will encounter one or more of the top 5 health problems dogs and cats have. Here's a guide to understanding the natural home remedies that can prevent or support them back to better health.

Top 5 Health Issues

  1. Arthritis
  2. Gastrointestinal Disorders
  3. Allergies
  4. Obesity
  5. Malnutrition

Some times these problems are unavoidable, but most of the time, even with arthritis and joint issues, a remedy can be found with careful nutritional support.

The key to maintaining pet health is using preventive nutritional protocols early on. Just like us, when dogs and cats age, health challenges increase and become more costly. We have put together the following protocols for your mental medicine cabinet, plus, the Nusentia® products you can use to effectively manage these common health challenges.


  1. Joint Protection 
    Use RJX™ to supply the natural nutrients for joint lubrication and repair.
  2. Normalize Inflammation 
    Celavin™, Ultra-Pure Fish Oil is the number one step you can take to normalize inflammation for your pet.
  3. Feed Biologically Appropriate Diet 
    Switch to a grain-free dog food like Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free dog food.


  1. Balance Intestinal Flora
    Use Probiotic Miracle® to see profound changes in your pet's gut health.
  2. Curb Gut Inflammation
    Conditions like IBS and other lesser gut issue are further supported with Celavin™ ultra pure fish oil.
  3. Support Good Digestion
    Use Enzyme Miracle® to relieve the digestive burden.


  1. Combat Allergic Reactions 
    Use Dermix™ which provides nutrients against allergies and promotes healthy skin and coat.
  2. Normalize Inflammation 
    Use Celavin™ ultra pure fish oil to quell inflammation.
  3. Support Immune System 
    Probiotic Miracle® to build gut immunity and foundational overall health. This is especially helpful for young animals like puppies and kittens.


  1. Feed Biologically Appropriate Diet 
    Switch to a grain-free dog food like Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free dog food which is perfectly balanced for canine health. No grains, fillers, or byproducts which contribute to dog obesity. For cats, they require even higher protein values. Check for fillers, flavorings or byproducts. When available, feed raw.
  2. Normalize Inflammation 
    Use Celavin™ ultra pure fish oil to quell inflammation since obesity almost always causes inflammation.


  1. Improve Nutrient Absorption.
    If you suspect digestive issues, use Enzyme Miracle®, broad-spectrum enzyme formula designed to improve nutrient utilization.
  2. Provide nutritional support.
    Use Spectrin vitamin and mineral formula to give your pet the nutrition it could be missing at his meals.
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