Why is My Dog Malnourished?

Malnourishment is a surprising, yet common ailment in dogs. If you notice your animal being lethargic, having poor coat quality, or curiously losing weight, they could be struggling from poor nutrition or malabsorption. Further, It could be a digestive issue, or a need to bolster nutrient intake through diet. Here are the signs to look for, and what you can do to support proper nutrition.

Poor nutrition in dogs is due to basically one of two causes (1) poor nutrition intake or (2) poor absorption of nutrients. Since a number of symptoms are the same, it may be hard to discern which one of these causes are to blame. Here is our attempt to help simplify and evaluate when dogs are malnourished:  

Signs of Poor Nutrition 

  1. Weight loss
  2. Poor coat quality
  3. Lethargy.

When Poor Nutrition is Due to Enzyme Depletion

Any combination of these signs above, plus:

  • Changes in the stool: Foul-smell, Undigested food, yellow stool
  • Bad Breath (especially seemingly out of nowhere)
  • Vomiting
  • Gas or bloating

How to Improve Nutritional Status


If you suspect poor nutrition, consider using a vitamin and mineral dietary supplement. When it comes to the modern diet, we are all challenged with this dilemma. With the environmental issues, excessive chemical use, and overall pollution, we have a strong argument for using vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Solving malnutrition due to poor enzyme function is an easy fix. Supplemental enzymes are shown to really benefit dogs and cats with malabsorption and enzyme deficiencies. We provide Enzyme Miracle® because it contains appropriate enzymes for the canine and feline diets. In addition, Enzyme Miracle® doubles as a systemic enzyme product to support many of your pet’s metabolic processes. These remedies get to the root issue of malnutrition issues with pets.


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