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Grooming Tips: Bonding & Beauty Time

Grooming Tips: Bonding & Beauty Time

Grooming is important for your dog; not only does it help them to be healthier and more comfortable, it allows time for bonding. Here we cover some of the best practices for making grooming as enjoyable as possible for you and your pet.


daily coat grooming tips for your dog

Here is a quick reference guide on grooming for both the beauty of your pet, and for the further strengthening of your bond:

Setting the stage
  • Grooming sessions should always be fun, so be sure to schedule them when your dog’s relaxed
  • Until your pet is used to being groomed, keep the sessions short—just 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Gradually lengthen the time until it becomes routine for your dog.

What should be covered in grooming

Regular brushing

  • For short, smooth coats: 1x per week (with a rubber brush, and or bristle brush)
  • For short, dense coats (prone to matting): 1x per week  (a slick brush for tangles, and a bristle brush for dead hair)
  • For dogs with long, luxurious coats brushing can be done daily, but should at least be done 3x per week (slick brush, and bristle brush)


  • Approximately every three months
  • Use a mild shampoo
  • Gently massage, thoroughly rinse, but avoid spraying into eyes, ears, and nose

Nail Clipping

  • Weeks ahead of time, get your dog used to you touching their feet, so they don't freak out when you do it to clip their nails
  • Make sure to use sharp clippers, and to cut off the tip of each nail at a slight angle, just before the point where it begins to curve.
  • Take special care to avoid the quick—the pink area can be seen through the nail (if your dog has dark nails, be extra careful and err on the side of caution)

And a little something extra special for the coat

  • For a healthy coat, make sure your dog gets a high quality food with top proteins and fats
  • For a luxurious coat, add a high quality Omega-3 formula like Celavin™ or Dermix to their food, which will provide the essential fatty acids for a shiny healthy coat (not to mention the abundance of other health benefits for allergies, joints, and more)
dog coat vitamins

Follow these grooming steps and your dog will stay beautiful, and it will be an enjoyable experience for all (assuming bath time doesn’t get too crazy). Happy grooming!

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