Which is the Best Joint Supplement for D

Which is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs?

It is well documented that as pets age they deal with joint problems, just as we humans do. Because of this, supplements containing the raw ingredients to support tissue and joint function have increasing interest with pet owners. The RJX™ formulation by Nusentia offers a number of advantages for pets with hip and joint issues.

In our formula focus feature we try to give you the insights into why we formulated the products in the way we did. With RJX™ the key issues were as follows:

Top 3 Ingredients for Joints and Arthritis

Glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin are generally though of the three key nutrients that support and feed the tissue, which support joint function.

Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondoitin Sulfate are precursors for glycosaminoglycans, which are a major component of joint cartilage. So in effect, these nutritive substances provided the building materials for healthy joints.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-containing compound that has been found to reduce pain ad restore function in arthritis. Many joint formulas will include two of the three, but not all three. Others will have all three but not all in therapeutic levels.

Why? Well, (1) it costs more, and, (2) its hard to fit all the ingredients in a tablet or capsule. Our solution? We put it into a liquid. This definitely got rid of the space issue, and helped a whole lot with the cost as well.

So, with RJX™ for dogsyou get a whopping amount per serving:

  • Glucosamine: 1500 mg
  • MSM: 1500 mg
  • Chondroitin: 1000 mg
  • Plus Manganese chelate 15mg (a key mineral, in a special high absorption form which helps as a nutritive for joint support)


All Nusentia’® products are manufactured at A GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. This mean’s what is listed in the product is in the product, and it is free of contaminants. This makes us feel more secure (and hopefully you as well), that your pet will indeed receive the benefits of these ingredients listed in this formula.


Not to be out done when dealing with our pets is the convenience of easy dosing and compliance. With liquids it is easy to adjust the dose if needed for various size dogs (we have instructions right on the label). Also, they usually (not always), like the taste of the products when added to their food. Additionally we have RJX™ formulations for horsesas well. If your dog shows any of these signs they may have joint discomfort and may be a candidate for RJX:

  • Slow to rise from a resting position
  • Reluctant to climb steps
  • Tires easily or lag behind on walks
  • Appears stiff or even limp after activity

We feel we have a formula that really hits the sweet spot for our customers in that it has really high efficacy at a reasonable price, and their dogs should really like it. More importantly, their dogs will feel a lot better!

RJX Customer Reviews:

"My dog was scheduled for surgery on her knee last January, I put her on RJX and she is like a little puppy again, running, jumping and playing, highly recommended, she even uses the steps to get on the bed now. :-) " (Posted on 9/21/11)

"My dog has shown improvement since starting him on RJX. He seems to have stabilized when walking up and down the stairs. He also is not losing his footing on our tile floors. Will buy again! :) " (Posted on 7/7/10)

"My 13 year old rottweiler has had trouble increasingly with her back legs and a terrible time getting up from her bed. She could not even walk up the stairs. We bought this glucosamine supplement (RJX) as well as a the Enzyme Miracle . The vet told us that the glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM would help with the inflammation and joint problems, while the digestive enzymes would help take the stress off her body so it could work more on the repair process. I tell everyone I know that has a dog that this combination in itself has worked like a miracle for her! We couldn't be happier!" (Posted 11/10/2010)

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