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What is the Best Fish Oil For Pets?

What is the Best Fish Oil For Pets?

Finding the right fish oil supplement for your dog can greatly influence their health, particularly when it comes to reducing inflammation and supporting heart health. Among the myriad of options available, including numerous options of salmon oils, it's crucial to discern the quality and source of fish oil to ensure you're providing the best care for your pet. In this guide, we'll explain why Celavin™ emerges as a premier choice for your dog's nutritional needs.

Discover the Best Fish Oil for Your Dog: A Comprehensive Guide

best fish oil for dogs

The price of fish oil supplements can vary widely, a reflection of the refining processes to eliminate contaminants and the quality of the fish source. Lower quality fish results in lower quality oil, impacting the efficacy and safety of the product for your pet.

Choosing the Right Source of Fish

When selecting a fish oil, aim for quality sources to avoid contaminants and for sustainability reasons. Sources abundant in the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Fish such as salmon and tuna, are rich in these nutrients, but are also high in contaminants and are known to be fish unsunstainably. However, smaller fish like sardines, and anchovies are often preferred due to their lower contaminant levels and high sustainability score.

best fish oil for dogs

Larger fish species, including salmon, can contain significant levels of mercury and other toxins. Although processing can remove these contaminants, not all companies perform this essential step, especially for pet products. Consequently, salmon oil products for pets are typically less costly. Celavin™, derived from sardines and anchovies, not only boasts a high EPA-DHA content but also undergoes a concentration process to remove less beneficial fatty acids. This process ensures a formula that is highly effective in delivering Omega-3 benefits to your pet.

The Importance of Purity and Refinement

Purity in fish oil is paramount for ensuring your pet's safety and the supplement's effectiveness. Many cheaper products fail to remove toxins and impurities adequately. A true quality fish oil undergoes multiple refinement processes to achieve the highest standards of purity.

  • Vacuum (molecular) distillation: This process effectively removes contaminants from the oil.
  • Winterization/deodorization: This step purifies the oil further and improves its taste, making it more palatable for pets.

Celavin™ is produced in Norway, one of only four locations globally with pharmaceutical-licensed facilities dedicated to fish oil production. It undergoes both vacuum distillation and winterization, ensuring an unmatched purity level. Additionally, it is rigorously tested post-manufacture for EPA/DHA content and impurities, making it one of the purest and most concentrated sources of Omega-3 for dogs and cats on the market.

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Convenience of Use

Celavin™ offers an easy-to-administer liquid form. Simply add it to your pet's food to enhance their diet with the incredible health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. Pets love the taste, and pet owners love the health benefits it provides.

For natural, trusted pet health supplements with proven formulas to improve your furry friend's overall health, visit Nusentia, a brand trusted by veterinarians and pet parents alike since 2008.

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