Dog Urine Ruining Your Lawn?

For dog owners we are all too familiar with those yellow, “burned” spots on our grass. Of course, taking them on long walks can help, but hey, your dog’s still going to go at home. If you hate burned spots on your lawn from dog urine as much as we do, try this…

Why Does Dog Urine Ruin the Lawn?

Urine is loaded with nitrogen. But wait, isn’t nitrogen a great fertilizer? Yes, nitrogen is a great fertilizer, but not in the dosages that your dog is graciously leaving behind on the lawn. The concentrated nitrogen in your dog's urine is what burns the lawn and leaves nasty brown spots.

What To Do About Dog Urine on the Lawn

Treat the burn spot with apple cider vinegar: one teaspoon (for a small dog), to one tablespoon (for a big dog) per day to help to counteract the nitrogen. Basically think of nitrogen waste as acidic and apple cider as alkalinizing. So viola! The two cancel each other out.

The apple cider vinegar can also be added to the dog's water/food to make the urine itself less acidic. Interestingly enough, many of Nusentia’s liquid products include apple cider as part of the base in the formulation. So beyond their therapeutic specific benefits, these liquid pet supplements may also help to decrease the burn spots on the lawn. For burn spots pre-apple cider; saturate with water as soon as possible for up to 6-9 hrs after. This will help to dilute the nitrogen and its negative effects. Here’s to a beautiful lawn!  

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