Dealing With a Fussy Eater

Dealing With a Fussy Eater

Does your pet seem to only want to eat certain foods? Is this list getting smaller and smaller? We often have pet owners tell us their pet is particularly fussy. We tend to see some commonalities in how this challenge arises.

Our Choice or Pet's Choice?

Pet’s can get conditioned. If they are allowed to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, with no consideration to what is the best for their health, you could end up with a finicky, unhealthy pet. Take control, avoid “free feeding.” This can be done by carefully selecting the type of food we feed and the times at which we feed them.

Here is what to do:

  • Feed them a high-quality dog food (we recommend a natural dog food with no fillers)
  • Limit feedings to 1 or 2 times per day
  • Be consistent by feeding your pet at the same time each day. This will also help regulate their digestion and elimination.
  • Leave the food for only 10 minutes (i they are picky and don’t eat it, pick it up and give it to them at the next scheduled feeding time). Do not leave the dish of food available for a long period of time.

Within a couple of days your pet will get the idea and their survival mechanism to eat when they get a chance will kick in. The result a healthier pet, and an easier feeding regimen for you.

Note: often the same situations will arise with the fussy eater and the use of supplements. If your pet really needs the nutritional support, you can’t let them off of the hook just because they won’t eat it the first time. You have to stick with it until they adjust, and they will. This way you can give them the support they need to lead long and healthy lives.
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