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Breaking Down the Benefits of Dog Skin and Coat Supplements

Breaking Down the Benefits of Dog Skin and Coat Supplements

Grooming isn't enough

Skin and coat are always a hot topic in the world of canine nutrition. The condition of these aspects are seen as markers of our dogs' underlying health. Unlike us humans, dogs can't groom and nourish their outer appearance. In fact, some of their attempts at grooming, like licking and scratching, cause negative results like hot spots, yeast issues, and dry skin. What's more, brushing and grooming only have a superficial effect. To get the "wow" results of amazing skin and coat, one must provide nutritional supplements.

Healthy Dog Food Isn't Enough

You may think that your dog's fortified food is all he needs to flourish, but that is not the case. Most dog foods provide just the standard level of nutrition. Moreover, even the most advanced, expensive, or natural wellness dog foods can only contain so much of the vital nutrients your dog needs to flourish a shiny, smooth coat and soft, healthy skin.

ic: To get the "wow" results of amazing skin and coat, one must provide nutritional supplements.

What Dogs Need For Healthy Skin and Coat

So, what do dogs need exactly to boost coat and skin conditions? And, what's the best way to get these nutrients in their diet?

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, or EFA, are the superhero of dog skin and coat nutrition. They come in several different forms, known as ALA, GLA, EFA, DHA, and EPA, and have a number of positive actions by addressing inflammation in the body. The top EFA for dogs comes from borage seed oil, lecithin, and fish oils.

These "omegas" have been widely studied for their benefits against inflammatory skin conditions which can be caused by flea bites, dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. Given daily, significant improvement to canine skin can be seen. Some dogs respond to an increase in EFA within a couple of weeks, however it takes most dogs about 6 weeks to improve skin disorders from increased EFA intake.


To more effectively metabolize EFA, our dogs need zinc. Because of its inflammatory and immune support attributes, studies have found significant improvements in the luster of dog hair and fur. The synergistic effects of zinc with EFA also brought enhanced results with promoting soft, healthy skin.

Biotin and B Vitamins

Biotin and their companion B vitamins help advance the quality of canine skin and coat condition through a vast array of beneficial actions in the body. These supportive vitamins have been directly correlated with better hair growth, improved hair luster, and reduced skin dryness when given as a daily supplement. This study on biotin for dogs showed improvement with dull coat, brittle hair, excessive shedding, dry skin, pruritus, and dermatitis after 5 weeks.

Amino Acids

Hair, fur, and skin are basically made up of proteins. Some of the essential building blocks of protein are likely missing from your dog's basic kibble, even if you're making his dog food by scratch. So, rounding out your dog's protein intake with amino acids is a healthy and effective way to boost hair and coat quality.

dog skin coat supplements natural

Best Sources of Dog Skin and Coat Nutrients

Because your dog's appearance is so important, there is a wide variety of products promising to support your dog's skin and coat. However, if you're interested in an all-in-one food based supplement that provides all these nutrients, look no further than Dermix™.

Dermix contains naturally occuring EFA, B vitamins, Zinc, Biotin, Amino Acids, and an array of supportive nutrients that get the job done! Simply mix the concentrated liquid into your dog's food to deliver all the benefits for skin and coat.

And, for an even bigger skin and coat boost, add Celavin™, Omega-3 fish oil to his daily dish. This ultra-pure fish oil is made from small species fish and triple distilled in Norway. It's infinitely more pure than wild salmon oils and packs a huge level of omega-3 EFA without harmful impurities.

It doesn't get more nourishing than that! Try these today, and take advantage of our Skin and Coat Power Pack for 15% off.

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Dog Skin & Coat Power Pack

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