5 Reasons to Switch to a Raw & Grain-Free Dog Food

Raw and grain free dog food is a growing trend in pet nutrition, but why? First, raw foods have almost all the nutrients intact. In contrast, many of the commercial foods, regardless of vitamin fortification, that are over processed and lack much of the valuable nutrition your dog needs.

  1. Nusentia® Raw & Grain-Free utilizes USDA quality meats versus inferior proteins in many other foods
  2. There is less allergy potential with grain-free, raw diets (a problem with a subset of dogs).
  3. Grain-Free foods have less filler, which is better for weight control.
  4. Raw and Grain Free mix is superior to kibble type food for hydration

And here are some great reasons it’s good for the pet owner as well:

  1. We ship it right to your door.
  2. It’s freeze dried and dehydrated so that the bags are smaller but yield much greater amounts, and,
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