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Work From Home Tips with Your Dog

Work From Home Tips with Your Dog

Sorry, I was on mute.

Working from home may bring about some new challenges. Your dog doesn't understand that you're home to work and not play all day. What's more, the sound of barking in the background of your conference call can be nerve-racking.

As you manage your new normal at work with your furry colleague, a few tips will help you get more done.

1. Get in a good walk before work and at "lunch hour"

Make sure to lead your dog with a walk before you start your day. This will balance his mood and reduce those awkward moments during your work time. Follow up with another stroll later in the afternoon as well.

2. Set the standard for the new normal

Chances are you've been working at home for a few weeks now. If you got off to a rough start, your dog may be making stressful demands. The key here is to be consistent and help your dog understand the boundaries during work time. After a day or two of good discipline, things should be going a lot more smooth.

3. Plan for potential problems and put your dog's needs first

It seems like a no-brainer, that if your dog is anxious or very protective, make sure to provide him with his own space either outside or in a separate part of the home. This is especially important if you have clients visiting.

Remember, dogs are creatures of habit and will maintain a more calm demeanor when they know what to expect. Be consistent each day on how you schedule exercise, food/water, and attention. And when you're not around, make sure your dog has something healthy to chew on or a quiet toy to keep him occupied.

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