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Supporting Your Pet's Kidneys Through Nu

Supporting Your Pet's Kidneys Through Nutrition

Kidney problems in dogs and cats is a growing concern. We often get asked about which natural supplements for pets can be taken in conjunction with medications to support the kidneys. Here is our approach and a few guidelines to consider when it comes to supporting our pets with kidney trouble.

Improve kidney function through natural nutrition.

Of course follow your vets guidance (lots of water, food restrictions, and exercise), and get your veterinarian's input on supplements as well prior to changing any diet regimen. Our approach to supporting the kidneys is to first remove the burden from the kidney's as much as possible.

3 Steps

Improve filtration

Fish oil and antioxidants improve filtration in the kidneys, which could slow the progression of renal failure.

Improve Kidney Function

Supplementation of probiotics has been correlated to a positive effect on the markers of kidney function. Probiotic Miracle® can help reduce toxins in the body, which again, could assist the kidneys, especially in a reduced function state.

Improve Digestion

Digestive enzymes that include protease can help them digest proteins more readily, which again can decrease the burden on the kidneys. For best results, use Enzyme Miracle® which is a full spectrum digestive and system enzyme blend for pets.

Depending on how progressive condition of your dog's kidneys is, the results could vary with any of these supplements, but there is never harm in improving nutrition for your dogs and cats.

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