Seasonal Flank Alopecia Improvement with Dermix

Seasonal Flank Alopecia Improvement

This image shows the progress of an English Bulldog after a few weeks on Dermix, premium skin and coat formula. This dog, Sabrina, suffered from seasonal flank alopecia(hair loss). Writes the owner:

"Success with Dermix by Nusentia... The picture shows Sabrina's right side. The left side was not as bad and filled in after 2 weeks. The right side took a bit longer"


Some dogs will experience a disorder known as seasonal alopecia (hair loss). It's a recurring condition that is usually seen in the flank area and most dogs tend to suffer from it in the spring or fall.


The condition is not well understood, and some experts feel  it is due to lack of sunlight or that it is due to hormonal issues. Sometimes the hair will grow back within a year, but sometimes the hair will not grow back at all. There are many kinds of alopecia that cause hair loss in dogs, most of these are due to inflammatory responses brought about by allergies. Seasonal alopecia is distinctive because it is considered a non-inflammatory condition.


Treatments range from exposure to sunlight, to melatonin injections, to nutrients that support skin and coat health (including hair growth). The customer who submitted this photo used Dermix™ for Dogs and had success in combatting seasonal flank alopecia.

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