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Picky Eater Dogs : 3 Tips That Get Them

Picky Eater Dogs : 3 Tips That Get Them Eating

Picky, finicky, fussy... whatever you call it, your dog isn't eating. Why can dogs be so picky? With a little discipline on our part we can overcome the feeding challenges that come with a finicky dog. Here are three tips that will get your dog to eat.

A few simple steps will turn your fussy eater dog into a healthy eager eater.

Tip # 1: Stop free feeding

Free-feeding your dog is the main culprit for creating a fussy eater dog. When you leave the dish down all day, the message to your dog is, “I can eat anytime I want to.” This is counterintuitive to what resides in their genes.  So if you refill the food and they yawn, you might want to change the game up by only feeding them 2 times per day and ideally at the same times each day.

Tip # 2: Remove the dog food dish after 15 minutes

By removing the dog food dish after 15 minutes, you will train your picky dog that they need to eat when the food is there. This approach matches their instincts: “feast or famine.” Though he's a domestic dog, his genes are still from the wild. So make the food available for 10-15 minutes only, then pick up the dish even if they didn't eat any. Don’t feed your fussy dog again until the next scheduled feeding time. In the beginning he may still  “yawn” when you put the food down, but don't be alarmed or worried. When your finicky dog goes for the dog food, and it's not there, that's when the training begins.

Tip#3: Feed quality food

Feeding quality food is the most important tip. Some dog owners make the mistake of feeding dogs only what they think their dog wants—but you need to feed your dog food that will bring complete nutrition. Feeding a quality food with good proteins and produce, minus the fillers and byproducts will help them get the most nutrition for leading healthy lives. Many dog foods that contain empty calories, fillers, and unhealthy flavorings can cause dogs numerous long-term health problems. At first, you may have some guilty feelings about putting these "tough-love" tips into practice, but rest assured, it's the best way to get your picky dog eating—and eating healthy.  

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