MiracleZyme™ vs The Miracle Pack

Which Product Should I Give My Pet?

Does my pet need MiracleZyme® tablets? or The Miracle Pack™? While all these products are designed specifically for dogs and cats and are ideal as wellness supplements, there may be one product you prefer over the other. The chart below will help you compare products and decide which product is best for you and your pet.

Combo Chews

The Miracle Pack™
Powder Bundle

Type of formula Chewable Tablet Powder
servings per container 90 up to 360
recommendation and description Wellness Supplement  MiracleZyme™ is best used as a wellness formula best for maintaining healthy digestion and immune function. The tablet form makes it a very convenient way to supplement both digestive enzymes and probiotics. Most Convenient For individuals that prefer a treat-form tablet supplement for their pet over a powder. Wellness or Therapeutic Supplement  The Miracle Pack is a discount package of our two best sellers, Probiotic Miracle® and Enzyme Miracle® powders. Because the package contains 2 separate powder formulas, it allows for flexibility in dosing probiotics for therapeutic purposes without unnecessarily increasing the serving size of digestive enzymes. Best Value The Miracle Pack is a better overall value, offering a lower cost per serving.
Contains Probiotics? Yes:  1 Billion CFU/tablet 90 Billion CFU per container 5 strains of probiotics Yes (Probiotic Miracle®):  1 Billion CFU/scoop 360 Billion CFU per container 6 strains of probiotics
Contains digestive enzymes? Yes:  1 tablet treats 1 cup of food 12 unique types of vegetarian digestive enzymes   Yes (Enzyme Miracle®):  1 scoop treats 1 cup of food 11 unique types of vegetarian digestive enzymes  
benefits Convenient tablet for supplementing both digestive enzymes and probiotics Best value per serving for supplementing both digestive enzymes and probiotics
miracle pack miraclezyme product comparison

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