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How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Hydrated in Summer

It’s still fun in the sun time, and you no doubt have been doing a good job keeping your dog safe during the hotter times. But, there’s still a month or so to go, so we thought we would list some friendly reminders/tips to help you continue to keep your best friend cool and safe.

  1. Provide plenty of fresh water, including on long walks or car trips. Side note - It’s good to clean your dog’s water bowl every day or two to keep it bacteria free.
  2. If it’s a hot day leave them home, in a place where they have some shelter/shade from the sun.
  3. Walk them during the cooler times; morning or evenings, and don’t have them walk on hot surfaces like the street or sidewalk for too long, if at all.
  4. Limit exercise.
  5. Limit sun exposure; as in addition to overheating, some breeds can get sunburned.

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