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Best Vitamin Liquid for Dogs : Spectrin

Best Vitamin Liquid for Dogs : Spectrin Benefits

The best vitamin and mineral supplement can do wonders for the wellness of your dogs. One of the most popular supplements in the Nusentia pet nutrition line is Spectrin for Dogs™, which is basically two formulas in one;

(1) a vitamin and mineral formula, and,

(2) a joint health formula.

The right vitamins for dogs provides the building blocks for great long-term health.

The Spectrin™ Advantage

Typically, most vitamin and mineral supplements are very basic and do not provide much support. The only advantage for those types of basic formulas is usually they are inexpensive (you get what you pay for). Nusentiaformulas are very comprehensive and a good value when it comes to price. This is because Spectrin's™  liquid platform which allows us to put more well-absorbed nutrients in.

Our nutritional formula approach was threefold:

  1. To provide all the key nutrients for proper metabolic function. This really benefits the pet with their energy and with helping provide the substrates for many of the organ systems in the body.
  2. To provide targeted antioxidant support. This protects against cell damage and unhealthy aging along with support for allergies.
  3. Joint Support.* Spectrin™ provides amounts that will really serve to support joint health before damage is done. Glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM all help to feed the tissue that surrounds the joints. This serves to stop the bone-on-bone effect that can happen over time.

*Note that for advanced aged dogs they should use the more therapeutic joint support formula RJX™.

Spectrin™ addresses these three areas strongly so that full-spectrum support is provided for your dog. The result is optimum health, plus protection against ailments that can happen as your pet ages.

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