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Dog Arthritis: Natural Treatment for Mild vs. Severe Cases

Canine arthritis effects many dogs over the age of 8 years old. It’s a tough thing to watch as your dog struggles to engage in the activities that they used to. Though symptoms are often the same, the severity can range from dog to dog. Here is how you can recognize the severity of arthritis in your dog, and what you can do about it.

Mild Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs

  • Limps in the morning, but “loosens” up with activity
  • Seems a little more tired than usual
  • They seem a little irritable when handled

If they are limping (and there is no obvious other cause, like injury) they probably have a mild case of canine arthritis.

Severe Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs

  • Limping occurs most all the time
  • They have real trouble moving around
  • They seem like they are really tired, and want to mostly rest
  • You see signs of muscle atrophy or poor posture
  • They seem to lick/bite/chew at their paws, legs etc. Often animals will do this in areas that are painful

Either one of the first two symptoms probably means a more advancing form of arthritis; a combination of symptoms and you can be fairly sure.

Mild Arthritis Protocol

1. Provide Nutritional support for the joint health tissue. Nusentia’s RJX for Dogs™ provides the nutrients Glucosamine and Chondrotin, which the body uses as food to build and support joint tissue. It also contains MSM which helps to control modest inflammation.

Severe Arthritis Protocol

1. Provide nutritional support for the joint health tissue. Nusentia’s RJX for Dogs provides the nutrients Glucosamine and Chondrotin, which the body uses as food to build and support joint tissue. It also contains MSM which helps to control modest inflammation.

2. Aggressively control inflammation. Severe arthritis can lead to severe inflammation, which causes more pain, and less movement. Probably the best natural way you can quell inflammation, is with with Omega-3 fish oil. Nusentia’s Celavin omega-3 fish oil is a high-quality, ultra-pure formula produced in Norway at one of the worlds most sophisticated plants.

3. Provide Comfortable bedding

4. Exercise, but shorter, less taxing sessions until some mobility returns 5 Look at food intake. Control volume of food to keep the weight down, but also consider the possibility of food allergies that may be amplifying the inflamed state (grains can sometimes be a culprit).

A Final Note

Typically dogs experience arthritis at around 8 years old and it progressively gets worse. There is nothing wrong with taking the above steps as a preemptive strike before this even happens to support joint health at earlier ages.

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