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Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Benefits

Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Benefits

Dehydrated Dog Food: Why The Trend? After years of nutrition abuse and health problems in dogs, consumers are now demanding better foods for their beloved pets. Words like "biologically appropriate" and "species appropriate" and gaining ground and manufacturers are thankfully starting to listen.  A biologically appropriate food for a dog is one that is full of moisture and natural enzymes and vitamins from meat protein and produce, just like their wild diet. By contrast, modern manufactured dry dog food (kibble) are void of moisture, vitamins, and minerals from the baking process. To make matters worse, these top dog food manufacturers have turned to corn and grain fillers to bulk up their foods, even displaying these grain proteins in their overall protein content! (Corn is not an appropriate source of protein for a dog) Over the years, dogs eating a commercial diet develop problems related to poor digestion of these inappropriate foods. Serious problems pop up like:

  • kidney issues,
  • bladder issues,
  • arthritis,
  • pancreatitis,

but also less serious precursors, such as, dermatitis, itching, allergies, and diarrhea.  As a response to the many health problems we've seen in the canine world, consumers are turning to more healthy, natural foods for their dogs. Dehydrated dog food  is quickly gaining popularity in the pet nutrition world. The most beneficial of these dehydrated dog foods are those that are dehydrated raw and grain free.

Top 3 Benefits of Raw Grain Free Foods

  1. Yeast: Discourages yeast growth
  2. Weight Management: Helps maintain healthy weight levels
  3. Allergies:  Avoids causes of allergies

How Dehydrated Dog Food is Made

Fresh meats and vegetables are prepared before placing them in the dehydration bins. Some manufacturers add nutrient rich grains like brown rice to the mixture prior to making it dehydrated, but rice, or any grains for that matter, are not necessary. Next, high-powered fans remove the moisture from the raw foods, while vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain intact. 

Why Dehydrated Raw Grain Free Dog Food is Best

Because your dog has a high water intake requirement, when reconstituted, dehydrated raw food supplies the perfect balance of moisture. Your dog is supplied with high quality proteins and produce without fillers or byproducts, he loves the raw taste and nutrition. Compared to fresh raw dog food, dehydrated food provides for easier storage and more convenient feeding. Fresh raw dog food can be quite tedious when it comes to store and prepare.

Drawbacks of a Raw Diet

There are very few drawbacks. Your dog's body is perfectly equipped to digest raw meat and all that goes with it. Unlike a human, the pH of your dog's stomach handles the bacteria that may be present in raw food with ease. Of course, you wouldn't want to feed your dog diseased or toxic meat, but there is less concern for your dog eating raw meat than there is for you. Just make sure your dog eats up his food right away. Raw, unprocessed foods that contain their original nutrition are the best way to ensure their dog eats quality proteins, but feeding your dog unfrozen meat can be very inconvenient. These challenges range from; spoils quickly, prone to contaminants, storage limitations, and raw food is just plain time-consuming in preparation.

Our Recommendation

Nusentia Raw & Grain Free™ Nusentia’s Raw & Grain Free™ dog food, is dehydrated raw dog food. Because it's dehydrated, you get all the benefits of a raw diet without the challenges. Nusentia Raw & Grain Free comes in 2lb bags that, when mixed with the recommended amount of water, makes 10 lbs of fresh, raw dog food.

  • Made with local USDA meats, produce
  • No fillers (including grain).
  • No byproducts
  • No gluten
  • Ideal for all ages/stages/breeds

Nusentia Raw & Grain Free dog food is especially great for dogs that have allergies or food sensitivities. You will love the way it smells and your dogs will love the taste.

  • Better Nutrition: Natural, local ingredients with original enzymes and vitamins intact. No fillers, byproducts, or grains.
  • Easy Storage: Takes up less space than typical dog food and can be stored for longer durations.
  • Fast Delivery: Free shipping for 4 bags (autoship available)

Reports from dog owners feeding Nusentia Raw & Grain Free dog food are consistent that their dogs feel more energy, their weight is under control, and their dogs just seem healthier all the way around. Also, Nusentia Raw & Grain Free dog food is easy to prepare. No big bags to store, and we ship it right to your door.  Dehydrated dog food gives the best of a raw diet and the convenience of a dry dog food.

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