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Which Breeds of Dogs Are most Cancer Prone? : Omega-3 Can Help

Which Breeds of Dogs Are most Cancer Prone? : Omega-3 Can Help

While we don't know exactly what causes cancer in dogs, we do know that some breeds are at a higher risk of developing cancer than others. Golden Reteivers have the highest incidence*, followed by rottweilers. If your dog is one of these cancer prone breeds, you've likely researched cancer prevention diets as well as cancer killing foods for dogs. Now, new research indicates a specific supplement you will want to add to your dog's diet to give them a real advantage against developing cancer.

In a study, published in March 2019 in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, researchers examined the health history of 350 senior Golden Retrievers to discern the link between a specific type of lymphoma called TZL, hypothyroidism, and omega-3 intake. Interestingly, the dogs who had received omega-3 fatty acid supplements in their lifetime were associated with decreased risk of developing TZL.

Omega-3’s are known to have a number of anti-inflammatory benefits for pets as well as support for the skin and coat. These findings may add to those benefits and provide some reinforcement to providing cancer resistance for your at risk dog.

* Golden Retrievers have the highest incidence of  TZL, approximately 33% of all cases.

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