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Calculating Your Dog's Real Age

Calculating Your Dog's Real Age

We know the old rule of thumb,  one year for a human is 7 dog years. Well, not so fast. How many"100" year old humans can run laps around you? Did you know that your dog's age is highly dependent on his size, breed, and overall health? Here is a quick reference guide to calculate what stage of life your dog may be in. 


how old is my dog

The chart below, use these general ranges for dog size:  Small dog = 20 pounds or less Medium dog = 21-50 pounds  Large dog= More than 50 pounds

Dog's Age Age in Human Years
Small breed Medium breed Large breed
1 15 15 15
2 24 24 24
3 28 28 28
4 32 32 32
5 36 36 36
6 40 42 45
7 44 47 50
8 48 51 55
9 52 56 61
10 56 60 66
11 60 65 72
12 64 69 77
13 68 74 82
14 72 78 88

After 14 years of age, who knows? It's probably safe to say that if you have a small to medium breed dog, 15-16 years is like 90, and 17 or more years is like a 100. For a large breed, 15 years is like 90, and 16 + is like a 100. There is no exact way, but hopefully this correlates a little closer to human life spans, and provides you with a little more knowledge when looking at your dog's activity and health level.

Healthy Aging: Maintaining Health with Lifestyle and Nutrition

Regardless of your dog's age, prioritizing their health through good nutrition and regular exercise is essential for healthy aging. A balanced diet enriched with omega-3 fatty acids is known to support heart health, cognitive function, and joint mobility, which are critical for your pet’s well-being throughout their life stages. Nusentia's Array soft chews not only provide a blend of essential vitamins and enzymes but also incorporate omega-3 ingredients to support these aspects of healthy aging.

Additionally, the inclusion of probiotics in these chews aids in maintaining a balanced gut microbiome, ensuring optimal digestion and immune system support. By integrating Array soft chews into your dog’s daily regimen, you offer them a delicious treat packed with the nutritional building blocks necessary for longevity and vitality. This combination of omega-3s and probiotics, along with comprehensive vitamin support, positions Array soft chews as an ideal supplement for dogs aiming to thrive at any age.

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