Natural Remedies for Recurring UTI in Dogs and Cats

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are caused by bacteria. They are hard to get rid of once the pet has the condition as UTIs often recur. The best therapy for animals that are prone to UTI is preventive care. That’s where these two exciting nutrients come in.



Utrin: Powerful Defense for Healthy Urinary Function in Pets, containing D-mannose and Cranberry. Cranberry has long been used for UTI’s in humans. We find that they work best as preventives for UTI’s. It works to have an anti-adhesion effect for E.coli, the primary bacterial offender in UTI’s. It does this by stopping the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract surface. 

D- Mannose

The effect of D-Mannose is similar to Cranberry. It is adept at getting E.coli to predominately attach to its surface instead of the urinary tract surface. This forms a new complex, which is then flushed out during urination. It is even thought that it may remove bacteria that are already sticking to the urinary tract. Overall, D-mannose may prove to also be effective at treating an active urinary tract infection. Utrin™ utilizes both of these ingredients in therapeutic amounts, providing a simple and inexpensive tool for dealing with recurrent UTI problems.

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