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Emerging Studies: Bacteria Will Keep Your Pet Healthy

In the past year or two there has been an increasing body of evidence for the benefits of probiotic use in companion animals. Studies addressing Immunity, diarrhea, dermatitis, urinary/kidney health, and even dental plaque have demonstrated various probiotic species to be beneficial.

This is no surprise of course, as we have cited studies in past articles studies demonstrating strong evidence for probiotics in gut health and overall immunity. This of course lays the foundation for them to be studied for their benefits in correlated conditions such as we see in this past year.

Emerging Studies on Probiotics and Pet Health


Decrease in symptoms
This study demonstrated that probiotics and prebiotics in combination significantly reduced the incidences of diarrhea in the dogs housed in a shelter, which is a known and common problem. The authors conclude that the combination has the potential to reduce costs and the need for veterinarian intervention.

To note: Of course all dogs can suffer from diarrhea from time to time, and in fact that is one of the more common gut maladies. We formulated Probiotic Miracle® to specifically address this by including (in addition to prebiotics, and a other probiotics), the probiotic species B. animalis lactis which is the most effective species in battling C. difficile, the bacteria that is the main culprit in causing diarrhea.

Resolution of symptoms
There was another study showing select Lactobacillus species, including L. aciddophilus, being effective against acute diarrhea in sixty dogs; normalizing stools and reducing pathogens. Additionally, an increase in the well being of the pet was observed as the probiotics helped to maintain appetite and reduce vomiting. Probiotic Miracle® contains a number of these species for the exact same reason.


Reduction of oxalate (cause of kidney stones) in vitro by L.acidophilus

This study was done in vitro and demonstrated that lactobacillus species, including L. acidophilus, could greatly reduce oxalate concentrations (hard mass of minerals and salt), which can lead to kidney stones and other urinary challenges. More work is needed in vivo to confirm this potential.

To note: Related to urinary health; high oxalate concentrations can lead to UTI infections. It has been long thought that since probiotics do have an anti-microbial function, they can be effective against UTI’s. Therefore, these findings related to kidney stones may mean that probiotics could be a great preventative for dogs that seem to have reoccurring kidney stones and/or urinary tract challenges.


In a more generalized study, a discussion of the prevalence of skin disorders in both humans and dogs due to environmental issues and dietary challenges. The main emphasis of the article is that the intestinal microbiota (the make up of the gut bacteria) can be a detriment or it can be the main defense against skin allergies, Therefore, it would be extremely important for the host to favorably effect the gut to be good bacteria dominate. This is where probiotics and prebiotics can be extremely beneficial as this is their main role and the best-known method for changing the gut bacteria.

This goes back to probiotics role in overall immunity and as it relates to allergies; good for the gut (which is believed to be responsible for up to 80% of overall immunity), good for balancing the inflammatory response> good for protecting or alleviating allergies

These examples were somewhat expected and really it’s what we see and hear from our pet parents who use Probiotic Miracle®; here are a handful we have received in the last month or so:

“Excellent product. My dog looks great and has stopped itching.”

“Saved my dog's sensitive tummy, have been purchasing this for 3 years”

“Love this product. I have a dog who always had loose stools. Since I started adding this everything is great “

“Product worked as described. My dog is back to normal.”

“This is our 2nd container and the ear infections have stopped so for us, this is worth it.”

If your pet is facing and issues related to the gut or to overall immunity and you haven’t tried Probiotic Miracle® you should. It’s a great tool to ensure your pet’s health both in acute care and also as foundational and preventive.

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