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3 Stress Reducers for Dogs

3 Stress Reducers for Dogs

Dogs and Stress

With our fast paced modern world we are more subject to stress than ever before.  Of course other than removing yourself from what causes the stress, the best ways to combat stress are to keep a positive attitude, eat better, and exercise. Also, as we know, having a pet can greatly reduce stress as well. How do we return the favor to our dogs and cats? Here are some simple reminders that will help your animal and also benefit you as well.

Reducing stress for your dog can be accomplished with a few simple steps.

To reduce stress we need to be more aware of taking proactive steps and controlling our surroundings.

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Your Dog's Stress

Three general areas wil help reduce stress for our pets, and make life for all a little more comfortable.

1: Go outside when you can.

  • Take a walk with your dog every day.
  • Sit outside and play with your dog (and kids if you have them).
  • Take your dog on errands with you when possible.
  • Go to public places where your dog is welcome (Parks, Coffee shops, etc.). Being social is good for you and your dog, especially if you have a timid dog.

2: Create a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

  • Turn off the TV and listen to music (sometimes TV can cause us stress, especially channel surfing).
  • Read a good book and get yourself something nice to drink, and give your dog a treat as well.
  • If you have kids do the above and have them brush or pet your dog, while you relax. (read: Grooming Tips for Your Dog)

3: Take care before you leave your dog alone.

  • Make sure your dog has had some activity beforehand.
  • Give your dog something to occupy his mind (toys, treats, etc).
  • Make sure water is easily accessible for your dog.
  • Have an area where your dog has things to look at that don’t cause anxiety.

With these balanced steps, your chances at a well-adjusted and stress-free dog are more likely.

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