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Urinary tract infections are frequent clinical bacterial infections in dogs and cats, especially in older dogs and cats. Approximately 14% of dogs overall will encounter a UTI during their lifetime, with an increased occurrence in spayed female dogs and cats. As your pet ages though, the likelihood that they will suffer from UTI or bladder issues, such as incontinence or bladder inflammation increases by about 75%.

Because antibiotics are the most common veterinary treatment for UTIs in pets, the bacteria causing UTI have become increasingly more resistant to antibiotic therapies. Further, the more frequent a dog or cat is exposed to antibiotics, the more likely they are to experience other negative side effects from the related therapy.

For this reason, we believe it is vital to make use of home remedies and natural therapies that eliminate urinary bacteria and strengthen the bladder system in dogs and cats to reduce the risk of developing urinary tract infections.

The best home remedies for dog or cat UTI include drinking plenty of water, staying clean and dry, and consuming cranberry, D-Mannose, and probiotics. Read on for all 6 of our best home remedies for dog and cat UTI.

6 Home Remedies for Dog or Cat UTI

1. Keep Plenty of Clean Water Available

It it may seem obvious, water will help flush bacteria from your pet’s system, but it’s a common oversight. Dogs and cats have a high requirement for water, and If you’re feeding a processed or cooked diet, that requirement is even higher. Dogs and cats are at risk of chronic low water intake which can be a factor in the pathogenesis of urinary tract infections. In addition, make sure their water dish is clean, since standing water can also be a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, such as, E. coli.

2. Allow for Frequent Urination

Not as much of a problem for cats that can easily access the litter box as their need arises, dogs who are unable to urinate for many hours are at risk for bacteria to multiply in the urinary tract.

3. Keep Your Pet Clean and Dry

Especially if you have an old dog or if you kennel your dog, make sure your pet is clean after they urinate or defecate, and, check that their sleeping area is also clean and dry. Neglecting these areas can lead to bacteria or fungus growth. Avoid washing with perfumed soaps or shampoos which can irritate the skin’s pH and cause your pet to scratch.

4. Probiotics

For dogs and cats, one of the most promising home remedies for recurring UTI is probiotics. Bacterial flora is vital for preventing the growth of pathogens that lead to infection in the body. Galvanize the gut with a probiotic supplement as the first line of defense against overgrowth of yeast and harmful bacteria that leads to UTI. This will also help to colonize the bladder with enough good guys to keep pathogens at bay.

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And, in case you’re wondering, adding yogurt to his dish is not enough. A daily dose of 1-3 billion CFU, of the RIGHT species of bacteria, is the bottom line for wellness in any pet. For health-compromised animals or those recovering from antibiotics, bump that up to 4-6 billion CFU. Probiotics can be administered once or twice per day without risk of negative side effects.

Probiotic Miracle® has been proven in research and over years of use to be helpful in maintaining excellent gut health in dogs and cats.

5. Cranberry

Getting your dog or cat to eat cranberries is not likely to happen. What we’re talking about is a supplement containing the active components of cranberry that helps to inhibit the growth and colonization of bad bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract.

6. D-Mannose

D-mannose is one of the most exciting substances for UTI because it has been shown to actually be able to prevent certain bad bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract and significantly reduces the risk of recurrent UTI. If your dog or cat has been having recurring UTI, d-mannose is going to be your greatest discovery for your pet’s future urinary health.

Utrin™ contains concentrated doses of both cranberry and d-mannose and has been profoundly helpful for dogs and cats to avoid developing UTI.

Urinary Health Pack
Urinary Defense Value Pack – Includes Utrin™ and Probiotic Miracle® and a 15% discount.

7. Remove Grains and Feed Raw

We understand that grains and cooked foods are simply not appropriate for dogs and cats. Their digestive systems are not equipped to digest dry food and grains without added digestive enzymes. Generally in the wild, dogs and cats only eat carbohydrates which are pre-digested, found in the digestive tracts and stomachs of their prey.

When food is continually not properly digested, it can lead to chronic illness and enzyme deficiency. Dogs and cats rely on other processes, like fermentation, to break down undigested foods. This inefficient process can lead to bacterial overgrowth, yeast, and fungus buildup and a host of other systemic problems, including UTI.

Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free is a dehydrated dog food that makes feeding a healthy raw diet more convenient. Additional digestive support is available with Enzyme Miracle®, a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement.


Precautions Regarding Home Remedies for UTI

Even though these home remedies for UTI have been used for dogs and cats successfully for years, it is vital that you take any infection seriously. Seek the guidance of your veterinarian. UTI are usually not complicated, and with the above steps you can help your dog or cat clear up the UTI with a few days, and/or avoid them recurring altogether.
Your vet should be able to help you determine that there isn’t a more serious cause of your pet’s UTI such as crystals or parasites.

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