If your dog is 7 years old or older, then you will want to keep a look out for the common ailments dogs face as they age. Being aware of the signs and taking action can really help to improve the quality of your pet’s life:

Aging Dogs Over 7Common ailment No. 1: Canine Arthritis

Signs: Limping, lack of mobility, general slowing down, including on walks

Cause(s): Deterioration of the joint tissue; pain and inflammation

How to Improve:

  • Provide nutritional support to the joints: Protect the Joints with Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin sulfate. They feed the joints the nutrients they need to rebuild and cushion against the bone. RJX for Dogs is great support for your pet’s joints to improve mobility, and decrease pain and inflammation. For the ultimate protocol add Celavin Omega-3 formula to battle inflammation in the more advanced cases.
  • Remove grains, and other potentially aggravating substances from the diet.
  • Incorporate exercise and weight control: low to moderate exercise in the beginning, and portion control on food.
  • Provide proper bedding: Cold, damp, hard, sleeping quarters can worsen canine arthritis. Conversely, if you can keep your dog warm and cushioned from hard surfaces it can help reduce pain. Be sure to provide bedding that is warm, and that cushions against the floor. Indoor sleeping and blankets can do the trick, but some owners will even invest in orthopedic beds for their dogs.

Common ailment No. 2: Obesity

Signs: This one is easy…your dog looks fat!

Cause(s): Over feeding and/or lack of activity, poor nutrition, and poor metabolism There can be other causes, but they are much less common.

How to Improve:

  • Grain Free Raw DietDon’t overfeed. Best to feed your dogs twice per day in smaller amounts and DON’T leave the dog dish out.
  • Regular exercise: Good for their waistline and for their mind
  • Consider changing their food: If you are feeding dry food (kibble) and especially if it has grains in it, consider changing to a raw, grain-free foo: more nutritious, less processing, and no grains. We have found that overweight dogs do extremely well on Nusentia’s Raw and Grain Free Dog Food.

Common ailment No. 3 Poor Nutritional Status

Signs: Low energy, coat appearance is not good or excessive shedding.

Cause(s): Poor metabolism, digestion, or vitamin deficiencies

How to Improve:

  • Look to provide a high potency vitamin and mineral formula Like Spectrin for Dogs™. This will give them the nutrition they need for proper metabolic function: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The result will be improved nutritional status and more energy for your dog.
  • Reinforce the gut and improve digestion with probiotics and enzymes MiracleZyme tablets from Nusentia. This powerful combo product provides great support for overall digestion and for foundational health.

Keep a look out for these three common threats and then if needed take action! Your older dog will really benefit.


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