Celavin Fish OilOmega-3’s in fish oil are very beneficial in controlling inflammation and for supporting overall heart health. So, there are a lot of formulas on the market Here is what Nusentia thinks is important when choosing a fish oil supplement in a pet and why Celavin™ fits the bill.

Fish oil formulas can vary greatly in price; there are lower grade fish that can be used, with low-grade fish oils, less work has gone into removing the contaminates. Below are the criteria that we used at Nusentia to create the Celavin™ formula.


Target a source that is rich in the Omega-3’s EPA and DHA. Salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies are the richest sources, however, smaller sources such as sardines, are more desirable as they generally contain less contaminants to begin with. Larger species, such as salmon, contain a very high level of mercury and other toxins. This can be overcome in processing but often companies don’t take that step, especially in pet products. For this reason, salmon oil (ie: “Wild Salmon”) products are typically much less expensive for pets.

Celavin™ is derived from sardines and anchovies, and thus is rich in EPA-DHA. It is also concentrated so that the other less desirable fatty acids are removed. This makes the formula highly targeted (and effective) at delivering the Omega-3’s and their benefits to the pet.


The importance of purity in fish oil cannot be overstated. Many low price products just don’t take the steps necessary to remove the toxins and impurities found in fish. There are multiple steps in a true quality process ranging from vacuum (molecular) distillation (which removes contaminates) to winterization/deodorization that removes other impurities and enhances the sensory characteristics.

Celavin™ goes through these processes as it is produced at one of only four pharmaceutical licensed facilities in the world. Now, many  companies say they go through this process and there are a number that do, but typically, Celavin™ tastes much better, there is less fishy smell, and much less “burping up” with Celavin than other formulas. This is a sign of quality.

Celavin™ not only is subjected to rigorous processes, but also goes through the scrutiny of post-manufacturing testing for EPA/DHA content and for impurities. This gives us the confidence that when it is administered to pets they will reap the ultimate benefits.


Nusentia designs products specifically for pets. Celavin™ comes in an easy to use liquid, just pour it on your pets’ food; they will like it, and you will like what it does for them.

The above are the strategies how Celavin™ came about, and why we at Nusentia just love this formula and include it in a number of protocols. We hope you give it a try, we know it will help your pet.

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