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Probiotic Miracle®
Trusted Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

The Original Pet Probiotic Backed by Science.
The answer to improving your pet's immune system, digestive function, loose stool, and diarrhea. Guaranteed results or money back. No fillers, flavors, or byproducts.

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  • Powder

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Probiotic Miracle ®
Up to 360 servings

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Probiotic Miracle ®
Up to 120 servings

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Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

60 day guarantee  safe natural effective pet supplement

60 day money back guarantee.

Ingredients & Usage

94% agreed that Probiotic Miracle made their pets healthier with significant improvements in controlling diarrhea, loose stool, gas, and yeast overgrowth.

Concentrated formula. No Fillers. No Flavors. Non GMO. Made in the USA

Supplement Facts

Standard Serving Size: 2 Scoops (approx 1/4 tsp)

Servings per container 44g: 60 (maximum 120*)

Servings per container 132g: 180 (maximum 360*)

  • Proprietary probiotic blend        2 Billion CFU*
    Bifidobacterium animalis lactis*, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus  rhamnosus, Lactobacillus  salivarius, Lactobacillus  plantarum, Lactobacillus  reuteri.  
  • *Maximum servings per container when dosing 1 scoop per serving
  • Other Ingredients: Inulin (prebiotic), 

  • *Servings per container when dosing 1 scoop per serving.
  • 2 Billion CFUs per 2 scoop serving is guaranteed at expiration ("Best by" date) of product.
  • This product contains stable strains of live bacteria and may be stored at room temperature without loss of efficacy. For extended life, store in the refrigerator. Keep lid closed securely.
  • Probiotic Miracle is filled according to weight, not volume, so the canister you receive will not be completely full. Manufacturing requires enough top space in the canister to avoid spilling and loss of powder during filling.

Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

Probiotic Miracle® attaches well to dry or wet food when mixed and has virtually no taste. There is a small scoop located inside each canister of Probiotic Miracle to make dosing your pet easy.

Directions for sensitive animals

Start with half the suggested dose below and increase to the full amount after 1 week. For best results, use with Enzyme Miracle® to provide complete digestive support for your pet.

Directions during wellness:

Find your dog or cat's weight on the chart below and add the amount to their food once per day during wellness to maintain healthy intestinal flora.

  • Under 50 lbs   1 scoop once per day
  • Over 50 lbs    2 scoops once per day

Directions during illness, infection, allergies, or GI-related issues:

Give the dosage below for 3 weeks or until you notice an improvement in the condition, then continue at the "wellness" dosage as stated above according to your dogs weight.

  • Under 50 lbs   3 scoops twice per day
  • Over 50 lbs    5 scoops twice per day
  • For use as a dietary supplement only. This product is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, lessen, or mitigate any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Manufactured for Nusentia
  • Money back guarantee!
  • Made in the USA (with domestic and imported ingredients)
  • Does not contain wheat, soy, dairy, or other known allergens

Other terms: tear staining, yeast infection, antibiotic stress, diarrhea, loose stool, constipation

Eliminate diarrheayeastloose stool, skin issues, and maintain wellness—guaranteed. That’s what makes Probiotic Miracle® the American dog owner’s #1 probiotics for dogs.

Probiotics are the natural way to bring lasting wellness to your pet. Probiotic Miracle® is a concentrated probiotic powder formulated specifically for dogs and cats. Nusentia has selected six thoroughly researched species of beneficial bacteria to help sustain a healthy balance of flora in your pet’s digestive tract. Each serving delivers 2 billion CFUs of healthy and stable flora guaranteed when used by the expiration!

Benefits of Probiotics Include:

  • Improved breath and body smell
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Improved skin and coat
  • Healthy toxin and waste elimination
  • Recommended for dogs and cats of all ages and stages!


  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • 2 Billion CFU per serving
  • 6 canine-researched bacteria strains and species
  • No Animal Products
  • No Fillers / Flavors
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Money-Back Guarantee!


1. What should I expect when starting my dog or cat on Probiotic Miracle®?

Every dog or cat is different of course, but normally, you should start to see a difference and improvement in your dog or cat's stool within the first week. In some cases, it is normal for your pet to have an increase in gas for the first several days while your pet's gut adjusts to the new bacterial balance. This is normal and healthy and will lessen with continued use.

2. Is Probiotic Miracle® just for sick pets?

It has been said that probiotics are more important than vitamins and should be taken daily! Senior dogs and senior cats will definitely benefit from probiotic supplementation  since healthy bacteria production is reduced in older age. However, puppies and kittens should include a probiotic supplement in their diets as a wellness program to ward off infections and reduce the chance of developing allergies. The intestine is your dog and cats largest immune system organ, help support it the healthy way with probiotics.

3. What makes Probiotic Miracle® the best choice for my dog or cat? 

Probiotic Miracle® is a concentrated probiotic formula that combines the latest research and clinical studies into one powerful formula. The probiotic strains in Probiotic Miracle have been selected specifically for the health needs of dogs and cats. The probiotics in this formula are clinically proven to be able to pass through the stomach acid and bile to implant into the dog's intestine where the bacteria goes to work and multiply hundred fold. Probiotic Miracle® is a concentrated formula that contains more CFUs per serving than other brands; this increases value and benefit to your dog and cat.

4. Will my dog or cat eat their food with Probiotic Miracle added? 

Probiotic Miracle® has virtually no taste! Also, since our probiotic formula contains no fillers, your dog or cat is unlikely to be able to detect anything is added to the food. The probiotic powder attaches well to dry or wet food when mixed.

5. Are there any side effects?

The probiotics strains contained in Probiotic Miracle® have no known side effects. 

6. If my pet is on medication, can I safely use this formula? 

It is safe to supplement probiotics with medication and RECOMMENDED ESPECIALLY for pets on medication. There are no known drug interactions and the ingredients do not alter the action of any medications. In fact, since antibiotics can actually wreak havoc on your pet’s immune system, taking probiotics along with medications can positively affect their health.

7. I already give my pet a multi-vitamin, why take this formula in addition?   

Multivitamins provide general nutritional support to the body but only if you have enough good bacteria in your body to allow for absorption. Probiotic Miracle™ help support the body in cleaning out the system of toxins and improve nutrient absorption. It is becoming recognized by veterinarians all over the world that probiotics are an important addition to every dog and cat's diet.

8. I heard that you should not take immune boosters daily, Is that true? 

Probiotics do not work like your typical immune booster. Probiotics help to establish the proper pH balance in your dog's body, allowing your pet’s body once again become healthy and fight potential disease and infection better than ever.

9. Can I give Probiotic Miracle® to my new puppies or kittens? 

Yes! In fact, probiotic supplementation is recommended for puppies and kittens for their developing immune systems. Probiotic supplementation has been found to support the immune system and help the animal to avoid developing allergies in later years.

10. My pet is allergic to yeast and gluten, can I use this formula? 

Probiotic Miracle® contains no yeast or gluten. 

12. Is it necessary to refrigerate Probiotic Miracle®?

Probiotic Miracle® requires no refrigeration to maintain label claim potency. We guarantee 2 BILLION CFUs per 2 scoop serving at the time of expiration. Refrigeration or even freezing is not necessary but it will prolong potency if kept longer.

13. What is FOS?

  • Purpose: FOS serves as a prebiotic; that is, the probiotics actually feed on it and help them to produce more healthy bacteria. 
  • What is is: FOS stands for Fructooligosaccharide; It is another name for it is inulin.
  • Where does it come from? FOS is naturally occurring fiber from chicory root (not a chemical). In fact the body even produces it on its own
  • Why is FOS included in Probiotic Miracle? Most every comprehensive probiotic formula will include FOS because it increases the effectiveness of the probiotic.**
  • Contraindications: There are no known contraindications, other then maybe producing gas if the dose is too high. The amount in Probiotic Miracle should not come close to doing this.


** The general accepted knowledge by most probiotic experts is that FOS is not contraindicated in human or animal probiotic products. In fact, FOS typically decreases the "bad bacteria " counts by up to 50%.

FOS affects the host beneficially by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the colon. Specifically, In vitro tests have found that FOS is an excellent selective growth media and energy substrate for Bifidus bacteria. These bacteria have been shown to inhibit the development of a number of harmful strains. The results of these studies have been confirmed in numerous clinical human studies as well .

This is why FOS is actually found in the most advanced probiotic formulas, and why it is in Probiotic Miracle.

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Customer Reviews

Back to Healthy Review by Jennice
Price & Quality Rating
Probiotic Miracle firmed up our bulldog's stools and made him healthy again. * (Posted on 11/2/15)
Pretty good Review by Peppi
Price & Quality Rating
These probiotics work well for our pup... wish they came in single serving packettes * (Posted on 11/2/15)
Good product Review by Caro
Price & Quality Rating
I have a scottie that has allergies and yeast problems. She also has had some severe diarrhea in the past. After trying all kinds of products, I purchased probiotic miracle. This has helped with all of her problems. Itching not as bad, and rarely any diarrhea. She seems happier and I am too. I am purchasing my 4th jar now. Try it out, I'm glad I did. * (Posted on 9/20/15)
Great for IBS Cat Review by CatMom
Price & Quality Rating
When my 10-year-old cat was diagnosed with moderate IBS, she was having chronic soft stools, bloody stools, and had lost weight. Her ultrasound showed a thickened intestinal lining, she was full of gas, and she was cranky all the time. She would also vomit several times a week (fur, bile, or food).

After getting her on a hypoallergenic diet, we then tried adding different probiotics to her prescription diet. We tried vegetable-based probiotics, probiotics you give at every meal, probiotics with 14 different strains of bacteria. Nothing kept my cat stable for more than 6 weeks at a time, and nothing really seemed to improve her overall condition. I remember crying and thinking that the IBS was killing my cat.

Then I began giving my cat Probiotic Miracle. In 3 months, the results have been nothing short of astonishing considering how sick she was.

Since starting my cat on Probiotic Miracle, I have noticed the following:

1. Within the first week, my cat had consistently firmer stools.
2. My cat rarely has gas or gurgling guts.
3. My cat's coat has become noticeably longer and softer. (Despite the warm weather, my cat has somehow grown a thick ruffle around her neck and chest like a Maine Coon cat. She should be shedding, not growing, fur during the summer.)
4. In the last month, my cat's appetite has increased.
5. My cat is more receptive to being handled because she's no longer in pain from the IBS.
6. My cat rarely scoots across the floor after using the litter box anymore. (If we forget to keep her rear trimmed, she scoots.)

I truly believe that Probiotic Miracle has helped restore my cat's intestinal health. Because her intestines were so damaged, she wasn't able to absorb nutrients from her food, was losing weight, was looking raggedy, and was vomiting more often. She was also vomiting hairballs more often before starting Probiotic Miracle. (Some vets feel that because cats with IBS can't pass hairballs via the damaged intestine, they're prone to vomiting hairballs.)

But after having been on this probiotic for about 3 months, my cat can pass hairballs into the litter box more often. She looks better overall and eats like a beast. I'm so happy with the results.

Note: Following the suggestions of other pet owners, I gave my cat barely 1/4 the recommended dose to begin with. It took my cat about 8 weeks to work up to the full dose. Too much too soon and she'd develop gas and loose stools. Go slowly if you have an IBS pet! * (Posted on 8/25/15)
Truly a miracle product! Review by Brandon
Price & Quality Rating
I read through some of the hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and wanted to purchase directly through your company. I can't tell you what a god send your product is and how much difference it has made for our dog's health. Miracle is not an overstatement. * (Posted on 8/14/15)
fantastic Review by Joan
Price & Quality Rating
What a fantastic product ! I bought my first jar of Probiotic Miracle a couple of days ago. My beloved 16 and 1/2 year old cat, Yoda, had been suffering with frequent, watery stools multiple times a day. Her weight was dropping rapidly ( at her best, she's only a 7-lb. cat ). Vet bills were piling up in the hundreds of dollars with little result. The day after I started her on Probiotic Miracle her stools started to have form again. Now she is having normal bowel movements. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your amazing ( may I say, miraculous ) product * (Posted on 5/27/15)
What a Fantastic product! Review by Joan
Price & Quality Rating
What a fantastic product ! I bought my first jar of Probiotic Miracle a couple of days ago. My beloved 16 and 1/2 year old cat, Yoda, had been suffering with frequent, watery stools multiple times a day. Her weight was dropping rapidly ( at her best, she's only a 7-lb. cat ). Vet bills were piling up in the hundreds of dollars with little result. The day after I started her on Probiotic Miracle her stools started to have form again. Now she is having normal bowel movements. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your amazing ( may I say, miraculous ) product. * (Posted on 5/27/15)
After Probiotic Miracle, he is like a new dog! Review by Melanie
Price & Quality Rating
We have tried steroids, various different foods and treatments for our 10yr old Shih Tzu with severe skin allergies and reoccurring ear infections since he was about 3 years old. After moving him to complete grain free salmon and sweet potato food and the Probiotic Miracle 2x a day, he's like a new dog! No more smelly ears and he's regained so much energy that we all are thrilled with your product. He hasn't been on any antibiotics or needed a vet visit in in over 2 months - since we started this. Thank you so much for giving us our little Wrigley Jiggly back! * (Posted on 5/18/15)
I swear by this Review by Linda
Price & Quality Rating
Awhile ago you asked me to write a product review. I was going to today & discovered I already had when I gave it to another cat but I wanted to tell you this: Two of my cats had severe bacterial intestinal infections that left them w/ loose stools, one of them several a day. He is now on thyroid medication which has made the situation worse, up to x10/day but the vet seemed unconcerned. After I figured out how I could give this w/o making them worse I gave it to one daily & loaded up the other one w/ it. They are both greatly improved. The one w/ the thyroid condition had lost quiet a bit of weight which he is now beginning to regain & his stools are much more formed. I was about to run out of this but when I tried to order it again it said the order didn't go thru so I bought something a bit cheaper that said it was probiotics w/ digestive enzymes. It doesn't have anywhere near the amt of probiotics this does, his stools increased a little & he lost a little weight in just a couple days. I quickly ordered this again & I can't tell you how much I appreciate your getting it to me so fast!! He is already a bit better & I feel sure he will make up the ground he lost. I wasn't sure if this was going to work at 1st but that was b/c I wasn't giving him enough. Now that I am I swear by it & would highly recommend it to anyone whose animal is having digestive problems.
Thanks so much, * (Posted on 4/29/15)
Excellent Review by Carmen
Price & Quality Rating
Easy to administer and very helpful for my Basenji's irritated colon. * (Posted on 3/21/15)
Fantastic results for my poorly dog!!!! Review by Joanie
Price & Quality Rating
Our dog was diagnosed with ARD (Anti-biotic resistant diarrohea - this used to be called SIBO) in November 2013. If I understood the nutritionist correctly this is where the food hangs around in the small intestine for too long and creates bacteria resulting in diarrohea. Then the dog has to have a course of antibiotics to treat it. Dogs digestive systems are not designed to digest much of the food included in normal dog food - like grains and cereals for example. Some dogs seem to cope with this but others really don't - ours was one of them! Our dog had lost so much weight and even though we were feeding him on a diet specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs before he was diagnosed he constantly had diarrohea. We tried everything to help him. The specialist vet surgeon scanned him and diagnosed ARD and said he would have to live on a 'prescription diet' from the Vets for the rest of his life. This helped a little initially but was definitively not the answer. A prescription diet is still poor quality dog food but incredibly expensive. On the advice of a friend and then a pet nutritionist I took the leap and started him on a raw diet adding 3 scoops of the miracle probiotic for the first 3 weeks. The results were amazing. Almost immediately my dogs stools were completely normal! I'd honestly lost hope that my poor dog would ever have a 'normal' tummy. On advice of the friendly people at Nusentia I reduced the probiotics to one scoop a day after three weeks. We did have the odd day with some stools being a bit runny but it wasn't long before his tummy had completely settled and he just produced normal stools every time. If he runs around excessively it can make his stools a little runny sometimes but this is fairly normal for any dog. We are now 1 year and 3 months on and we have not looked back. We live in the UK so it is expensive to buy this product and ship it over but it has really changed our dogs life. It is such a relief to see our much loved dog looking happy and healthy. * (Posted on 2/24/15)
Beautiful Review by M
Price & Quality Rating
I got Probiotic Miracle 3 years ago for my rescue Australian Shepherd who was severely underweight (42 pounds up from 32 when the rescue got her). She had recently been treated for heartworms and I don’t know if that caused her intestinal issues or not. Anyway she had very bad diarrhea and needless to say it was a mess. I waited a few days to see if it was just a change in food and took her to the vet. She tested her and she was negative. She gave her some pills which did nothing. The vet mentioned probiotics, (thank heavens) but the vet had to order some. I was in a rush by that time and found your product on the Internet. We have given it to both our dogs every morning sprinkled over their breakfast ever since. They are very healthy and Daisy is now a beautiful and very athletic 58 pounds.
* (Posted on 2/16/15)
Amazing product Review by ZathrasOne
Price & Quality Rating
My dog was having all the symptoms in the write-up. I knew that as a raw feeder, he was getting plenty of enzymes, but he had been through a couple rounds of antibiotics the last couple of years. After only a week of treatment,ALL his symptoms subsided (he had had them for at least 6 months) - the ear problems, scratching, biting, etc, all gone. Amazing! * (Posted on 12/19/14)
Saved by Miracle Review by Roxanne
Price & Quality Rating
I have a Border Collie who for months I could not get to eat more than once a day, and even then I had to force her. She started losing the shine on her coat, energy, and a little bit of weight. Not to mention the terrible, room clearing, gas she had. I did some research and found this to be the most recommended probiotic on the market. I was skeptical because she is extremely picky about her food, but within a couple hours after the first dose she was playing with her toys again and interacting with the other dogs like she used to. When suppertime came I did not have to try and coax her to eat, and she ate ALL of her food! She has been on Probiotic Miracle for two weeks now and she gets excited and actually starts dancing around and talking to me when I ask her if she wants some food. She has gained her weight back, has much more energy, hardly any gas to speak of, better breath, and her coat has it's shine back. This product is totally worth the money for it's value and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR ALL DOG AND CAT OWNERS! * (Posted on 11/13/14)
Was pleasantly surprised Review by Victoria
Price & Quality Rating
We got our puppy through a very reputable breeder at 8 weeks in September. After four days, the runs start. A week of antibiotics (worked immediately) later it comes back as soon as meds stop. A week more of antibiotics and food switch, comes right back. Poor pup asking to go out every 2-3 hours at night. Vet recommended more antibiotics but we had enough and started trying alternative methods. Tried the perfect form supplement - immediate relief but short life, after two weeks we were back to square one and going crazy. Tried another milk-based probiotic - horrible reaction. A friend recommended this product and I was skeptical but after a week of half doses, we started seeing solids, which never happened before. He is 4 months now and is a lot better. I am not saying its 100% fixed, but runs are once or twice in a week or two, so not nearly as bad as it was before. I do have to say the scoop and build of product could be better BUT who cares when this helps! I am planning on keeping him indefinitely on this as even the vet said it was a good product. * (Posted on 11/3/14)
Australian Shepherd Review Review by Michele
Price & Quality Rating
When I got my then 2 year old Australian Shepherd from rescue 3 years ago she had extremely loose stools and was severely underweight at 42 pounds. (She was 32 when the rescue got her and had heartworms). The vet (thankfully) recommended Probiotics. She was out of them so we went on line and bought your product Probiotic Miracle. One large jar lasts at least 3 months for 2 dogs. Within a week Daisy’s stools firmed up and she now weighs 58 pounds but is not overweight. I don’t know what caused this problem for her, the treatment the rescue gave her for heartworms or the fact that rescue feeds a variety of food. Both my dogs are healthy, full of energy and their coats are good. * (Posted on 10/15/14)
Preferred! Review by Donna
Price & Quality Rating
I've used a few different probiotics for my dogs and this one wins out for price and convenience. I keep the scoop on the outside of the bottle so I don't have to fish for it each time and I store it in the fridge. Easy. I prefer this powder over capsules as well. No problems with diarrhea or loose stool as of the very second day of using Probiotic MIracle.

Also switching to the raw and grain free dog food... we'll see how it goes! * (Posted on 9/25/14)
Hate the Packaging Review by Maura
Price & Quality Rating
I've used probiotics for my dogs for years, admittedly usually human probiotics. One of my dogs was having uti problems, and my vet recommended a canine specific probiotic for him, so I tried Probiotic Miracle based on an article in the Whole Dog Journal. I cannot stand the packaging of this product. The little measurement spoon always falls back into the powdered probiotic. It feels like half of the container was wasted on my fingers while I dug it out. Every serving of the probiotic is a hassle. * (Posted on 8/4/14)
Thankful for this product! Review by Eskiemom
Price & Quality Rating
We purchased both the Miracle Probiotic and Miracle Enzyme in hopes that it would even reduce our two American Eskimo's loose poop and one Eskie's issue of spitting up. We are on our fourth week of using both products and the results are wonderful! Neither girl has had any accidents in her crate or in the house for two weeks now! They both have normal poops every morning and evening outside now and they seem so much happier and playful! We have been able to reintroduce canned Merrick food with their low fat Wellness kibble and cooked chicken and rice this week and their tummies are still happy! Thank you so much for these two amazing products!! * (Posted on 7/11/14)
Great Product Review by Liz
Price & Quality Rating
I was hesitant - I've used probiotics and enzymes in the past with no significant difference. My dog has irritable bowel, and when he developed a stubborn yeast spot on his leg I decided to run a course of probiotics again. This time, I did my homework. I decided on this product in large part due to the lack of nonessential ingredients. It's not a bright pink powder, it's not weird flavors, etc. - important for my dog. He could care less that this is on his food, in a good way, and it coats kibble really well if I shake it a bit so he's sure to consume it. It not only cleared his yeast spot up, but he's stayed on it daily ever since. Why? Because his bouts of diarrhea, gas, etc. nearly stopped! Unbelievable. When he goes on antibiotics for any reason, I give the therapeutic dose and it really helps curb episodes. Daily, it does seem to make a difference in his gas and stool. I've been through the ringer with him and his bowels. If something works, I hush up and continue it. He is a happy user of Nusentia probiotics from here on out! :) It's not a cheap fix for a dog his size (85lb) but it's worth it. Also, even for little things like his yeast spot on the skin this stuff was great, I'd recommend it for that as well. Cleared him right up, no weird side effects, not difficult to use/administer. Very pleased. * (Posted on 6/19/14)
A healthy dog at long last! Review by Happy Days
Price & Quality Rating
My dog was diagnosed with ARD in November 2013. My vet's prognosis was a lifetime of regular bouts of bad diarrohea which would have to be treated with antibiotics. They said he would also require a prescription diet. Our dog lost a lot of weight while he was suffering with the ARD symptoms. His coat was dull and rough and his energy levels were dropping. He could not longer run around and have a game with his labrador pal from down the road. He was not absorbing any goodness from his dried kibble food and then the prescription food did not agree with him. After much research I decided to swop him onto a raw diet. An animal nutritionist recommended Nusentia Probiotics from from the USA (we are in the UK) to add to his food so I made contact. Nusentia were really helpful and answered lots of questions about how I should use the probiotics over the first few weeks. I followed their advice exactly and the change of diet to raw food and using probiotics to build up the friendly bacteria in his gut had amazing results. He loved the raw diet and he steadily gained weight, his coat lost it's roughness and became smooth and glossy and his boundless energy returned. This is an excellent product and I would highly recommend it to pet owners. If you know of anyone with a dog with ARD please let them know it is something which can be addressed with a change of diet and protiotics. Without the on-line research I would have not been in a position to do anything but follow my vet's advice. This which would have been incredibly expensive over our dogs lifetime and he would still have suffered unnecessary suffering from regular bouts diarrohea and had to have taken antibiotics to resolve this which is not good for anyone.
Thank You Nusentia!!! * (Posted on 5/27/14)
this works! Review by kittykat
Price & Quality Rating
A truly miracle product!!! This product actually does what it claims to do. It restored my cat's9lives! It cannot believe how efficacious it is. I love it and so do my cats! Thank you Nusentia * (Posted on 1/11/14)
Great Product!! Review by kim
Price & Quality Rating
have a 9 year old lab that almost died from having pancreatitis about 3-4 months ago. He couldn't eat or drink for two weeks. He lost about 20 pounds and had real bad diarrhea and kept throwing up. He was at the vets several times to be hooked up to the IV, and given fluids under his skin.

After two weeks I started cooking him a low fat meal that consist of fat free turkey breast, 18 eggs a day,( only one and half of the 18 eggs had the egg yolk, mostly egg whites),white rice, green beans, and white potato. I had to slowly incorporate the egg yolk into his meals. He ate fat free for about two weeks because his pancreas couldn't take the fat.I fed him small meals seven times a day because his pancreas couldn't take that much food at one time, and he was having problems digesting the food. He was so skinny and would not gain weight, no mater how much food he ate. I made sure to give him one maximum strength Pepcid AC pill every morning to help him not throw up.

I started him on Enzyme Miracle and gave him half the amount at first for about 5 days, and worked up to the full amount of suggested serving on all his food. He did great on it and after one week I started him on Probiotic Miracle. I started with half amount of suggested serving for 5 days as well, and worked up to the full amount. I can't believe how great this product is for him. He has been on Enzyme MIRACLE for about a month now, and PROBIOTIC MIRACLE for three weeks, and has never felt this great. He doesn't have diarrhea anymore, his stomach doesn't gurgle anymore, and I only feed him three times a day now because his digestive system is working better with these two products he's on. His coat is shinier too, and he has more energy. He is defiantly a happier dog, and so am I!

Today I'm taking him off the Pepcid AC since he's feeling so good.

Two weeks ago I started him on Costco's brand of dog food - Kirkland Healthy Weight Dog Food. The ingredients are great, and it has only 6% fat in it. That's the most a dog with a pancreas problem should have.

Please buy Enzyme Miracle and PROBIOTIC MIRACLE if your dog is having a pancreas problem, or a problem digesting their food. It will make a big difference!

Kim * (Posted on 12/22/13)
THE best thing to happen to our dog! Review by Chris P.
Price & Quality Rating
I honestly don't leave too many reviews, but this product changed our life and I felt that I should share our experience. We have a 2 1/2 year old Doberman with a very sensitive stomach. We have tried everything from switching foods/treats to different diets etc. We finally got him on the grain free salmon blue buffalo which seemed to help quite a bit, but it wasn't enough. Every other week he would still get sick (loose stool/diarrhea/gas) and sometimes even throw up. I started him on the Probiotics powder (1 scoop) about a month ago and I was blown away by the results. After just a FEW DAYS we noticed a huge difference in the amount of gas he was getting. Not only was he getting less gas, but it was infinitely less potent. I mean, it used to be BAD, like clear the room kind of bad! Now it's totally fine and doesn't smell horrible anymore. What's even better is that since I've had him on the Probiotics he has not gotten sick once!! No throwing up or loose stool or any other issues. He has been perfectly healthy and happy and we could not be any more pleased with our purchase of this product. I WAS skeptical at first, but this truly is amazing and it works! * (Posted on 12/11/13)
More than pleased Review by Tiffany
Price & Quality Rating
I just wanted to send you an email to say I have been more than pleased with the changes I have seen with my adopted beagle with Probiotic MIracle.

She came to me with the nastiest, greasiest coat I have ever seen and a super dog odor. I thought a bath or two would fix this in no time. I could not have been wrong. Just hours after a bath, she would have a film on her coat.

I read a number of reviews and people had similar issue with their dogs and I was desperate for some relief. I have a fused neck and bathing her is very difficult and I had to bathe her 3 times week just to tolerate her odor.

I put her on both the probiotics and enzymes first and, as I was expecting, her odor got worse after a few weeks, but now the odor is far less than before.

Her coat is still very oily, but I can see we are heading in the right direction. It is just going to take a little more time. But hopefully there will come a time when I bathe her because I want to, not because I must.

Thank you for making such a good product as my dog and I are both benefiting from it!!

Thank you,
Tiffany * (Posted on 10/23/13)
Works for my cat Review by Jane
Price & Quality Rating
This is a good product. Our 15 year old cat had a problem with "hard stools" in the kitty box and our 2 year old Dachshund mix was straining (pardon the descriptions). Probiotic Miracle has solved their problems. Both animals are now doing well. I sprinkle it on their dry food, so the taste must not bother them.
* (Posted on 9/16/13)
Amazing Review by Amy
Price & Quality Rating
We ran out a few days ago and I can certainly tell the difference in my poor pups! Your product is truly amazing-I was giving them the probiotic but this time ordered the enzyme and allergy kit because I am so impressed by how well the probiotic worked. * (Posted on 8/31/13)
Better digestion and no more gas! Review by Fonzie
Price & Quality Rating
Fonzie, our 10 year old Old English Sheepdog has been on your Probiotic Miracle for 3 months. It took 2 months to kick in but WOW! Fonzie's digestion is better now than at any other point in his llife! He obviously feels much better and his deadly gas is a thing of the past! Thank you for a great product! * (Posted on 4/17/13)
works for body odor, itching, and ear problems. Review by laura
Price & Quality Rating
Thanks so much! Your web site is so helpful. It's because of the probiotics, I got through your company, that relieved our dog of that sour body odor, itching, and ear problems. I'm hopeful that the new diet will complete her transformation into good health. She's is an American Bulldog, 11 years old, and 100 lbs.

In spite of her issues she is in good shape and very active. She is the light of this family. * (Posted on 3/19/13)
Miracle for Irritable Bowel Review by Debbie
Price & Quality Rating
Just a short note to say your "Probiotic Miracle" is truly a miracle. My Italian Greyhound had suffered most of his 12 years with irritable bowel. I say "had" because since I started him on this miracle, it has changed my life and my dog's life. Smokey is a different dog. He's happy when he wakes in the morning. His stomach doesn't make weird noises. He doesn't want to eat grass anymore. He's on a regular poop schedule, and not to be crude or anything, it looks like normal poop. We owe it all to Probiotic Miracle. It's been a blessing. Believe me, we tried everything from boiled chicken and rice to adding pumpkin to his food. The answer is Probiotic Miracle. If your dog is suffering with any stomach ailment, you're wasting your time and money trying other products or food. As probiotics work for people, so do they work for dogs.
Thanks for letting me assure other pet owners there is help and it's called Probiotic Miracle! * (Posted on 11/14/12)
miracle for my kittens Review by Pat
Price & Quality Rating
This product really IS a miracle, saved my kittens life AND he loves it. * (Posted on 10/13/12)
No more yeast Review by Sue
Price & Quality Rating
I ordered the probiotics after seeing one of my Drs for my dog Angel who is 5 who has been having issues with too much yeast in his body. with the a ok of my vet Dr and reading all of these reviews, I had to try the probilotic miracle. It has been a little bit over two weeks and my dog really stopped scratching and is barely touching his paws. Before the probiotics, it was nonstop scratching and chewingetc... I am so pleased to say that I realy think this is working for my baby face and i will continue to use this product for my dog. Thank u Nusenta!!!
* (Posted on 10/4/12)
Caused gas temporarily... then it disappeared. Hang in there! Review by Linda
Price & Quality Rating
I love your products. I had been using just the Enzyme Miracle, but decided to try the
probiotics. My English Cocker who is going to be 14 this month began to stink in the worst way after about two weeks of starting them. I called and was asking for a refund, but your staff asked me to suffer for two more weeks and assured me he was detoxing. I was skeptical but persevered. The smell got worse, then suddenly totally stopped. He rarely farts and rarely scoots any more, I am now ordering my 3rd jar. My 15 yr old Border Collie is also on both products and neither have any digestive problems. * (Posted on 10/1/12)
Prednison & Antibiotics Yoyo Review by Maggie
Price & Quality Rating
i have been reminded of how well they work again. i ran out and let time go by with my german shepherd, who has had issues with skin and yeast infections. went to vet and he put her on prednisone, which worked on the yeast but in time gave her an ulcer. which we treated with antibiotics and the yeast returned... you probably have heard the yoyo like this before. anyway. i remembered how well she had done years before so just recently i put her back on your probiotics and the enzymes and her skin cleared up in about a week. she is now off the prednisone and the antibiotics and is doing super. * (Posted on 9/11/12)
good improvement Review by Martin
Price & Quality Rating
We are using the probiotic as support for our GSD who is also being treated for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. We began using the probiotic prior to receiving the PancrePlus and notice a definite improvement in stool consistency.
* (Posted on 8/6/12)
well done Review by goodie
Price & Quality Rating
Seems to really help my dog's tendency to have loose stools * (Posted on 7/28/12)
A++ Review by JP
Price & Quality Rating
This is the only brand I'll use for my boys. Can't beat the price too for such a great product. * (Posted on 7/28/12)
Best ever for constipation Review by Gingergirl
Price & Quality Rating
I have a four-year old dachshund named Ginger who has suffered life-long with bouts of constipation. This has cost us a lot of money at the vet, then the holistic vet as well as costing Ginger much in the way of comfort. Her constipation aggravates her disk issues. We have changed food many times, always looking for the best. This last bout (about 3 weeks ago) had all of us in tears for Ginger knowing how uncomfortable she was - she was shaking from the pain. Finally, with much research I came across your product. I have stopped all kibble (she now eats only prepared, human grade food). Every morning she has a serving of your product with breakfast. I am very happy to report that after just 4 days of this supplement she is having daily, regular bowel movements. It truly is a miracle product and has eased our wallets and our minds. Thank you. I only wish vets would think more naturally and recommend products such as this as possible remedies before other, potentially harmful medications. * (Posted on 6/21/12)
Immediate improvement for loose stool Review by M. Hamlin
Price & Quality Rating
The Nusentia Probiotic Miracle is a miracle. When we got Daisy, our rescue Aussie, she was extremely underweight and had terrible loose stool problem. I had all the tests done at the vets to rule out parasites and she was clear. Almost immediately she improved on your product. She has now gained to a healthy weight and her stool is fine. * (Posted on 6/6/12)
worth it Review by huggy's mom
Price & Quality Rating
I bought the probiotic to help my three cats' basic health. It did. They became active and playful like kittens. At first I couldn't figure out why, but Probiotic Miracle was the only new thing they were getting in their diet. Thanks! * (Posted on 9/3/11)
Great Product !!! Review by Ed
Price & Quality Rating
My wife and I have cats, some with sensitive digestive systems. Until, we started using this product. We ran out and could see immediate changes. Some started having diarrhea and a few just seemed to throw up some of their food. Once we started using the product again, all the problems ended. Thanks for this great product ! * (Posted on 9/2/11)
A Miracle! Review by Pamela
Price & Quality Rating
I wanted you to know that my 9 year old yorkie that has been on probiotics for about a week or so has had am amazing clear-up of all the discharge from around his eyes that I always had to wipe every morning and the vet said it was because of small tear ducts. He is very small only 4 ibs. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

My other 6 lb. yorkie has stopped throwing up his food after only one dose!
A Miracle!!!!!!

Thank you Thank you and Thank you again. May Light and Love shine into your lives!

* (Posted on 2/24/11)
Resolved Issues: Bad breath, thyroid condition, arthritis, skin problems, excessive shedding Review by jbils
Price & Quality Rating
I do not normally comment on purchases but I simply felt compelled to. I purchased the Probiotic miracle and Enzyme miracle for my 2 dogs, a nearly 11 year old Great Pyrenees and 13 year old large lab mix with a thyroid condition. They have both battled cancer, arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin problems, and excessive shedding to name just a few of their seemingly common "geriatric symptoms". It was hard to watch them deteriorate over the last few years. We tried everything the vet recommended but had begun to resign ourselves that this is what happens when they get older. Then I stumbled on this site. I figured, "Why not?" After just a few days, the lights came back in their eyes. They were more energetic and playful. My pyrenees which suffers from bilious disease (similar to acid reflux) stopped refusing to eat and started being excited at meal time for the first time in her entire life. I no longer have to coax her to eat! After a week, they were running around, in winter, without a limp or hitch in their step. Even more amazing, the color is starting to return to my lab mix's very white coat. No more doggy smell or doggy breath either. Its like it took years off their age in such an amazingly short time. These are products that I highly recommend to anyone with a senior dog, or dog of any age for that matter. Mine will be on them for the rest of their lives. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this product! (sent via email 12/21/2010) * (Posted on 1/13/11)
At Last!! Review by JR Diggs
Price & Quality Rating
- something that ACTUALLY works! This was the total answer to my mastiff's tummy problems! I've tried diet changes, feeding schedule changes, additives - EVERYTHING - but this was what he needed all along - I saw results within a couple of days. We couldn't be happier! * (Posted on 10/30/10)
Fantastic Product! Review by Jaime S
Price & Quality Rating
My dog had terrible gas and a frequently upset stomach. She would sometimes skip meals and eat grass outside to vomit. I bought the combo pack enzyme and probiotic, and they have worked miracles for her. She rarely has gas anymore, she eats every meal and does not eat grass or vomit very often. The cans have lasted a long time, and she gets a scoop in both her morning and evening meal. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. * (Posted on 8/19/10)
Very helpful to my dogs digestion Review by O Kho
Price & Quality Rating
I have a 7 month old Mastiff/Great Dane mix that has had soft stool since I got him at 12 weeks. Numerous tests by multiple vets all showed that he was healthy, so I started him on limited ingredient diets to try and isolate any allergies, even to the extent of cooking sweet potatoes, white rice and cottage cheese for him daily. All of this had little to no impact. Finally I tried this probiotic and things started impoving dramatically.
The final improvement has been the addition of Red Montmorillonite clay along with this probiotic. Together these products have completely transformed my dog's stool. He has more energy and I get many compliments on the sheen and softness of his coat as well.
I'm happy to have him off of antibiotics completely now and the extra cost of these products offsets what I was paying for specialty food from the vet, which wasn't really doing much anyway, not to mention all of the vet bills I've accrued already in just tests. * (Posted on 5/20/10)
Really seems to work Review by A Purvis
Price & Quality Rating
I've been using this product for a couple of weeks and really think I see a difference in my dogs. One of my dogs was a "parvo puppy"...abandoned at my vet's office, extremely ill with parvo virus, which required intensive antibiotic and other drug therapy to save his little life at the age of about six weeks old. After I adopted him I always thought there was something not quite right about his he grew up he always had a finicky apetite for a big dog, and seemed to get diarrhea very easily. Since I've been giving them this both my dogs seem to have more energy, and I've not had a finicky appetite episode with my "parvo puppy". Only time will tell about the diarrhea, but so far so good.

Another thing I've noticed is a decreased desire of my other dog to consume cat feces. We have a lot of cats in my neighborhood (I have a few, myself), so this disgusting habit has pretty much driven me crazy since I adopted him. There's been a marked drop-off in his interest since I started with the probiotics. He's not cured, but I'm delighted with how he's doing so far. With how they're both doing.

I highly recommend this product! * (Posted on 3/1/10)
Probiotic Miracle Probiotics Review by Shoults
Price & Quality Rating
I have been very pleased with this product so far. My German Shepherd kept having bouts of diarrhea, with the meds from the vet only offering a temporary fix. Since I have started using this product, she has not had any more issues with diarrhea. I highly recommend this product. Very Pleased!! * (Posted on 1/12/10)
I saw a huge improvement in my dog's allergies Review by Blue Loon
Price & Quality Rating
I have a Golden Retriever with severe, systematic allergies. After three months on the pro-biotics, he's better than I've ever seen him in six years.

Great product. Good price. Far cheaper than the price of probiotics at my vet's or at other on-line places. * (Posted on 12/12/09)

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