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Cat Constipation

Cat constipation and supplements to help constipation in cats.

Cat Constipation


Constipation in cats is absent, infrequent, or difficult defecation. Most healthy cats have one or two stools a day depending on the cat and the diet. Cats suffering from constipation may not defecate for 3 days or more which leads to the feces retention in the colon where they can become dry and hard and require forceful straining to pass. Some of the causes for constipation are:

Possible Causes of Constipation in Cats:

  • Commonly used medications
  • Over-grooming which leads to extra cat hair in the digestive tract
  • Obstruction, including string or bones
  • Diets that are low in fiber
  • Enlarged prostate gland, in male cats
  • Cat obesity

To recognize cat constipation, look for your cat straining to defecate, or infrequent defecation. You may also notice dry or hard stool.s

How to Treat Cat Constipation:

  • Eliminate or control predisposing causes
    • Be sure to provide access to clean, fresh water at all times
    • Consider increasing the fiber in the cat's diet
    • Provide frequent opportunities for the cat to eliminate
  • Add probiotics and enzymes to your cat's food at each meal to improve overall gut function and digestion. This will be a great short and long - term solution for the constipated cat

It is distressing to find that your cat is constipated, however, this is an easily treated problem. If you find that your cat has chronic constipation, be sure to consult with your vet to be sure there is not a serious blockage in your cat's colon.

Supplements for Cat Constipation

cat constipation

Natural Remedies for Cat Constipation

When your cat is constipated, it is an opportunity to improve his overall gut and digestive health:

1. Give 2x the recommended dosage of Probiotics for 1 week or until your cat's elimination is more regular. Then, continue with regular dosage as a wellness program.
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2. By adding a digestive enzyme to your cat's meals, you will help relieve stress on the body and ensure complete digestion of his food and absorption of key nutrients. The combination of enzymes and probiotics have significantly helped many cat's overcome and avoid constipation.
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